Legacy InternationalLegacy International  equips emerging leaders to transform their values and vision into sustainable success.  Now in its 39th year, Legacy has completed capacity building and leadership development projects on five continents and built partnerships with many organizations and institutions.

Legacy International has been implementing the Professional Fellows Program in the Middle East and North Africa since 2009.

“Each of us is shaping history.  Each of us can help direct the course of the future: toward greed, self-centeredness, and violence—or toward peace, security, and well-being for all.” J.E. Rash (President and Founder, Legacy International)

Legacy works effectively with multi-cultural groups,  professionals from various sectors, and people from areas of inter-ethnic and inter-religious turmoil.   Our breadth of experience has given us a strong understanding of social, cultural, and religious differences, and the ability to adapt program models to various cultural contexts.

Legacy’s Values:

  • We recognize the constructive and stabilizing role that rule of law and informed and motivated citizen participation plays in a community’s success.
  • We recognize the values of the community, encouraging those we work with to draw on the strengths of their religious and cultural values.
  • We use modern technology and methods, like social networking and distance learning to creatively combine cutting edge innovations with traditional values and beliefs.
  • We offer comprehensive strategies of management and leadership, making organizations and individuals models of accountability, ethical practices, and efficiency.
  • We follow through after programs; offering organizations and individuals a progressive array of services and specialized support as they face new obstacles and achieve new successes.