Professional Fellow Program for Economic Empowerment

The Professional Fellows Program (PFP) for the Middle East and North Africa is a fully funded 6-week program (including a 4-week fellowship placement) in the U.S. for young professionals committed to empowering their communities through innovation and entrepreneurship, socially responsible businesses, and workforce development

Who Should Apply?

  • Entrepreneurs, and Social Innovators
  • Small & medium business Owners and Managers who are investing in innovative socially conscious products and programs.
  • Individuals working in Civil Society/NGOs working on youth workforce training and development, increasing the role of marginalized populations in the economy, building financial literacy, training in technology use and IT development, and other efforts around economic empowerment.
  • Individuals working in University incubators, accelerators, and job-readiness programs, and programs focusing on business development, financial literacy, sustainable tourism, or economic development.
  • Individuals working in Government Agencies/Ministries, national policy offices, think-tanks, and offices working to increase the presence of underrepresented citizens in the economy.


  • 25 – 40 years old
  • A current citizen and resident of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, or Lebanon
  • Speak fluent to English (enough to work full-time in a US fellowship)
  • Have at least two years‘ work experience in their field 
  • Currently employed
  • Interest in hosting reciprocal program for Americans in your country
  • Able to convene 25 or more colleagues for post-trip briefings, presentations, and project work
  • Have demonstrated strong leadership skills and commitment to community
  • Demonstrates initiative, teamwork, and openness 
  • Preference will be given to those who have not previously traveled on a U.S. government funded program.

Spring 2019 Program: 20 April  – 1 June.  Open to fellows from Tunisia and Morocco.

TUNISIA: Application deadline:   CLOSED

MOROCCO: Application deadline: CLOSED

Fall 2019 Program: 12 October – 23 November.  Open to fellows from Algeria, Egypt, Libya & Lebanon.  Application deadline:  CLOSED.  Will open for applicants in Jan 2019.

Program Details 
Participant Qualifications
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Morocco & TunisiaApplication deadline: 1 December

Algeria, Egypt, Libya & Lebanon Application deadline: CLOSED.  Will open for applicants in January 2019.


Legacy International conducts  broad outreach to ensure a wide diversity of ethnicity, race, gender, religion, geographic location, and socio-economic status among participants.  Legacy has an established record of including individuals with disabilities and has an open and inclusive application process. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

We provide reasonable accommodations as needed to people with disabilities. Want to know more about reasonable accommodations?

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The Professional Fellows Program is sponsored by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and administered by Legacy International with assistance from multiple  partners in the United Stated and  the MENA region.