Legacy International offers training experiences that foster inter-ethnic, racial, and religious understanding among youths and young adults  — in the US or abroad.  

Developed and tested over three decades, LivingSidebySide® has been implemented with mixed populations in the US, and with Israelis and Palestinians, Northern Irish Protestants and Catholics, various Nigerian groups, and Croats, Muslims, and Serbs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 125 schools in New York City, and 10 schools in the Kyrgyz Republic. Its flexible training models include complete manuals for facilitators, worksheets for participants, and custom training and certification services.  

Two international organizations, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the International Institute for Impact Evaluation (3IE) collaborated to conduct an external study of the LivingSidebySide® program in 2014.  One conclusion is:

“Overall, the completed research is an extremely important contribution to social science disciplines that focus on peace building, conflict resolution and/or reconciliation. It is also of great relevance and importance for policy makers and peace education practitioners.”  3IE

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Professional Development for Teachers

  • 3-Day Professional Development Training fall 2017: Download the flyer for full details: Apply NOW! space is limited
    • Day 1: Establish Community, Values and Identity, Diversity Skills
    • Day 2: Communication Awareness, Communicating in Difficult Circumstances, Understanding and Reducing Prejudice
    • Day 3: Transforming Conflict into a Productive Tool, Conflict Resolution Strategies, and Mediation Skills
  • 2-Days Follow–up Professional Development Support (6 months and one year out sessions) Reunite with colleagues in your professional learning community for review, additional training and coaching, sharing and refining skills.

Download What is LivingSidebySide® describing the goals and framework, unique features, history, components, partial impact evaluation and outcomes of the pilot project.

Youth Training: Global Youth Village

Legacy’s flagship program since 1979. Visit the Global Youth Village for details on summer sessions 2017

Lorraine Warren, LivingSidebySide® instructor for 20 years, shares her views about the curriculum: 

Full LivingSidebySide® Program for School Districts

  • 36 hour curriculum adapted culturally and linguistically
  • 5-7 day Training of Trainers
  • Youth Trainings (6-8 weeks after school)
  • Extensive monitoring and coaching
  • Professional Development Retreat after Youth Training
  • Basic and Advanced Certification levels

International Programs and Partners

Legacy International is looking for new partners around the globe to deliver LivingSidebySide® Please contact Marlene Ginsberg marlene@legacyintl.org for more information.

  • Kyrgyzstan (Details of the Pilot Program; external evaluation due Spring 2017; seeking funds to nationalize the program in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Academy of Teacher Training)
  • The Netherlands (under development)
    • Contact Jeff Balch: balch25@gmail.com, Amsterdam
    • A. Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam, in a letter, stressed the importance of education in the prevention of radicalism. “I value highly the work of Legacy International and wish you every success with your activities”.

TRAINING MODULES can be presented to schools and after-school programs, summer camps, youth clubs, weekend workshops. Most packages involve 32 – 40 hours of workshops. Target audience is ages 15 – 18; the program is easily modified for adult audiences.

LivingSidebySide® for Adults or Organizations include: Train the Trainers (TOT) for Facilitator Certification:Basic Training for Facilitator Certification- enables practitioners to deliver the program to youth and young adult groups

  • Advanced Training for Facilitator Certification- enables practitioners to train other adult facilitators for certification
  • On-site Program Development, Monitoring, and Capacity-Building support for participating organizations
  • Choice of Training Locations including at Legacy’s Global Youth Village (GYV) campus to see our international summer program in action. GYV is Legacy’s longest running flagship program and one location where training takes place.

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