POSITIONS OPEN (as of  June 13, 2016):

  • Global Youth Village July 1 – August 16 (temp); Bedford, Virginia.  Openings:  1) evening program coordinator; 2) afternoon activities & scheduling coordinator, 3) male resident adviser/cabin counselor; 4) Health Care Manager (lay first aid person). Rolling Deadlines.
  • Arabic Language Institute (ALI), Academic Year ProgramSeptember 15, 2016 – May 15, 2017 (temp); Marrakesh, Morocco (begins & ends in Washington, DC).  Seeking a resident advisor/ trip leader. CLOSED TO NEW APPLICANTS. 
  • Legacy International Internships Legacy is accepting applications for Bedford based interns to work as part of our annual Global Youth Village. (Intern options include: administrative team, studio arts teaching, sports coordination, hospitality/food service.) Rolling deadlines. 

Other internships not listed above: Additional internships occasionally open up throughout the year based out of Legacy’s home office in Bedford, Virginia or in Washington, DC metro area.  If interested, please send your resume to Leila Baz, Legacy’s Staff Outreach Coordinator.