• #EYLeaders: Changemakers Update (Part 2)

    Since receiving the Emerging Young Leaders Award, our ten recipients have been quite busy changing the world and being the change that they wish to see in it as well. Part Two

  • International Education Week

    International Education Week was celebrated around the world last week (November 14 – November 18th). It was an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchanges worldwide.

  • #EYLeaders: Changemakers Update (Part 1)

    Since receiving the Emerging Young Leaders Award, our ten recipients have been quite busy changing the world and being the change that they wish to see in it as well.

  • Empowered Young Leaders

    “You are no longer “Emerging” Young Leaders, today you are Empowered Young Leaders.”

  • Alumni Impact Award: Riyadh Al Balushi

    Professional Fellows Alumni Impact Award Winner Riyadh Al Balushi is changing the way Omanis relate to the law and promoting informed dialogue.

  • Entrepreneurship and Go-Karts: Linking U.S and Saudi Culture

    Being a Cultural Ambassador with Legacy International for the Saudi Young Leaders Exchange Program, or SYLEP, was undeniably an amazing experience that, I can honestly say, I will never forget.

  • Mobile Services for Rural Children

    Happiness is not expensive for them. They were dancing like nobody is watching, they got too excited when they shared competition in the different proposed workshops; drawing, lecture, gaming, dancing and singing, without any sense of discrimination. They spoke their mind. It was a real occasion for them to say what they feel, what they mean.

  • The Steadfast Tin Soldier

    I realized that we must look at many things with tolerance, be tough with challenges and non judgmental with people. The power of a person is in the ability to forgive others

  • Zulfirman Rahyantel: Addressing Sectarian and Ethnic Conflict

    Zulfirman received the Emerging Young Leaders Award in April 2016 and ever since he has been busy training to facilitate Non-Violence Study Circles on university campuses in Ambon, Indonesia.

  • Professional Fellows Program and the Social Innovation Fund

    Rokaya El Boudrari, a social development consultant in Morocco was a part of the Professional Fellows Program (PFP) in Washington, DC

  • Egyptian Participants Share Their Culture and Reflections

    “Egypt is our legacy, and it has to last forever.”

  • Countering Radicalization Through Debate

    PFP Fellow Safouen Rezgoui is working to foster resilience to radicalization in youth.

  • Moroccan Challenges and Opportunities: Youth

    Children and youth are the value and future of any country. In previous blog posts about the Professional Fellows programs in Morocco, we have analyzed social and economic challenges Moroccan youth face these days.

  • Moroccan Challenges and Opportunities: Employment and NGO Development

    Continuing Moroccan Challenges and Opportunities series, we will look at the Moroccan economic and social development issues and how situation can

  • Moroccan Challenges and Opportunities: Environment and Sustainable Development

    Morocco has always been a strategic location between Europe and Africa, Christian and Muslim worlds; and has a rich historical and geographic context which led to great diversity of nature, climates and a wide range of ecosystems.

  • 17 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People/Situations

    In dealing with the work of conflict resolution, we are not always in control of the various people sitting in

  • Algerian Professional Fellows: Changing the World

    Our PFP Fellows realized that progress depends on the choice people make and leading steps they take to make the difference in their community, society and country.

  • The United State of Women

    As First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey come together to host the United State of Women at the White house, we are reminded of the importance of women’s empowerment.

  • Teaching Technology Around the Globe.

    TechGirls not only aims to educate young women in various technological fields but also serves to empower them by providing opportunities for them to teach those both outside and inside of the program.

  • Alumni Impact Award: Mohammed Arif

    “My goal is to create a health club focusing on hand washing hygiene, water and food hygiene. We are educating students through health education sessions in theory and in practice, and then evaluating these students by visiting their homes or schools and seeing them educate their families and peers.” – Mohammed Arif

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