Based in the United States, Legacy runs domestic and international exchange programs.  Host families, NGOs, corporations, public health institutions and   small businesses have partnered with us to provide memorable experiences for international visitors.

Our longest running program is the Global Youth Village on our Virginia campus which engages US teens from diverse backgrounds with teens from around the globe.

We annually host international fellows in Washington DC in the fields of democracy and civil society development.

Daisy K. visits Indonesian school

Daisy K., Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania,

“Be the Change Leadership Conference with International Awareness Workshop”

“Many students in at Stroudsburg High School lack the proper training to successfully lead a group. They remain culturally unaware of worldly events. My project will bring together student leaders, local community members, fellow LINC participants, college professors and student council members for a daylong workshop dedicated to training student leaders and raising global awareness.”

Daisy hopes at least 100 students will participate, with the goal of raising tolerance among her peers, and inspiring others to make change and take on leadership roles. Workshop topics will include:  public speaking, team building, Peace Corp, AIDS, the conflict in Uganda.