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TechWomen/TechGirls Club

Since 2012, alumni from the TechWomen and TechGirls programs have become a robust group making great advancements for women in STEM.  The TechWomen and TechGirls Clubs in each of participating countries provide a forum for mentoring and career counseling.   Virtual and real time meet ups help club members collaborate.  The Clubs offer:

  1. Professional and peer mentors for community projects,
  2. Motivational speakers for career fairs or speaker panels,
  3. Volunteer opportunities for TechGirls at events organized by TechWomen,
  4. Bi-monthly or quarterly virtual meet ups: TechWomen share insights with TechGirls on topics such as community service, interviewing tips, social media storytelling, education paths, work/life balance, making your voice heard, networking.
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