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Nada – The 2019 Experience

I am Nada A. from Morocco and I would like to thank all who made this program possible on behalf of the 2019 TechGirls family.

During the last 3 week long program, we benefited from more than 45 hours of hands on instruction in coding and cybersecurity in Virginia Polytechnic and State university.

Today we are 62 girls from Central Asia, MENA and USA that are proud to represent girls in STEM . We all come from different countries and various backgrounds but we have one thing in common: our passion for technology. We all have different stories but during the past weeks, we wrote a new chapter together full of discovery. We learned with and from each other and had the opportunity to visit NASA Goddard Space center, Capitol Hill and through job shadow day.

It is now important in our societies to go beyond the stereotypes and think of women as computer scientists, electrical engineers and data scientists. We should teach girls from their childhood that technology isn’t only for boys, that they can be interested in robotics, that they can study computer science and that they would be a great engineer. We live in a world where the job demand in technology is growing everyday but there are unfortunately not enough people to fill these places and women represent only a very small percentage of the workers. But why wouldn’t we encourage females to consider a career in technology? A society cannot flourish if half of its citizens are prevented from developing themselves, discover, learn and thrive. Let’s work together to make girls reach their full potential, make women a big part of the change so that the world can truly be a better place.

TechGirls 2019 with Deputy Assistant Secretary Susan Crystal