Dr. h.c. Harold Robles

Dr. h.c. Harold Robles, a native of the Netherlands known for his international humanitarian work, has devoted his life to promoting healthcare education and information as a human right.

More than twenty-five years ago, with the support of Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s daughter Rhena, Dr. Robles founded the Albert Schweitzer Institute for the Humanities in the state of Connecticut, USA. 

Dr. Robles dedicated the work of his nonprofit organization to alleviating suffering and injustice in the world, and to creating a more equitable and sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Dr. Robles retired as president of the Schweitzer Institute in 1998. Today Robles is special advisor of the South African non-profit organization, Health Promotion South Africa Trust (HPSA), which he founded. Health Promotion South Africa Trust  is dedicated to ”Prevention through Education”. Their facilitators, ”Health Promoters” are educating more than 18,000 aid workers and the local population annually. The programs of HPSA are designed to improve the quality of healthcare and to promote humanitarian values through education and public health programs.