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Cristophorus was filled with excitement and inspiration from his sojourn in the U.S. during the Indonesia-U.S. Youth Leadership program. He returned to his school SMU Pangudi-Luhur in Indonesia and  implemented a self-designed environmental project. His project, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Re3) included submitting proposals to potential donors to gather funds and building an effective volunteer esprit du corps. His group introduced a trash management program with separation bins plus workshops on how to make saleable products from recycled materials.

Cristo and his friends not only excelled in being creative, they were also great in winning people’s heart to get donations. The “Re3” project successfully gained about 11 million rupiah ($1200 US)! Five million rupiah was a donation from Djarum Super (one of the biggest cigarette companies in Indonesia) and the rest was from fundraising at school and selling their recycled products (especially compost), and their Re3 logo T-shirts. The group will use the remaining funds to continue their work  to make the project sustainable.

Getting Volunteers
Not only did Christo organize his peers, obtain funding, got support from school officials and families, but all the volunteers were hearing impaired students who not only come from his school, but also university students, and people from the surrounding community. Cristo said, “Having a disability is not a barrier to being creative!”

Christo’s Project Definitions

  • Reduce means reducing consumption, to reduce the usage of items that require a long process of degradation.
  • Reuse means use again, the purpose of reuse is to wear things that are not worn for instance, discarded plastic fork after eating.
  • Recycle means recycle,  such as waste plastic is processed into new plastic bag.

Christo's Re3 FB PhotostreamProject Sustainability

You can watch 3 videos on his Facebook site ( Go to Christo’s Re3 FB Photostream)  where he and the Re3 volunteers are documenting their ongoing project.  His photostream has lots of pictures (see slideshow below)  of his team industriously sifting compost, making paper from their recycled material, creating boxes for packaging compost, and transforming recycled glass into lamp ornaments.

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Watch Christo and his industrious team at work (Slideshow below)

[Not a valid template]As they say in Bahasa Indonesia – “Suka menghijaukan dunia!” Go Green!

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