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TechGirls learn that they can combine technology with leadership skills and bring about sought after change and a new future in their communities.

“My name is Sawsan Khaled Bulbul and I am a 17-years old TechGirl from Jordan.  I felt like I was flying in the air when I heard I was accepted into the program.

At first I thought that it would only be about technology but trust me when I say that this experience changed my life. This lifetime experience started three weeks ago and now is about to end. Each girl from the nine different countries represented in the program will go back with her eyes full of tears and a smile printed on her face.This program has taught each of us many valuable things. We started by meeting Mr. J.E Rash, who inspired all of us by talking about leadership skills. We met with congresswomen such as Susan Davis, who believes that each girl deserves a chance to show her abilities and to do something for herself and her community. We met many phenomenal individuals during our three weeks, all of whom taught us great lessons.

Sawsan at Bank of AmericaNot only did we meet inspirational individuals but we also spent a week in the ID Tech Camp at Towson University. For many of us it was the best week in the program. When a girl has always wondered how to design a high quality game and she finally learns how, this is a great achievement for her. Or if a girl has always wanted to design a website for her school or for her community, learning to do that in one week is something you cannot have every day.

Before I came to this program I doubted myself and was afraid that I wouldn’t be as good as the other TechGirls. When I actually joined the program and met the TechGirls a lot of things changed. I met a lot of great people who believe in me and make me feel proud of my differences. Now I have more self-confidence and I believe that I can be more than I ever imagined.

It would take me 100 pages to describe the 23 amazing days I shared with 26 other TechGirls from 9 different countries. For now, I will say that we are the leaders of tomorrow and that this experience has truly changed our lives.”

Watch Slideshow as TechGirls visit technology professionals in U.S. during the program.

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razan marzoukaRead Razan Marzouka’s (Palestine) story “Taking it to Heart and Action”. “Now that I’m back home, I’m preparing for the course that another TechGirl (Daniella Tanas) and I are going to teach at my school—IC3 (internet and computing core certification). I plan to continue creating websites and studying what I learned at iD Tech Camp. I hope that my contributions will help to create change in my country.”

Read Imem Maallem (Algeria) story ” I Wanted to Make a Difference”. “TechGirls was like a dream that I have just woken up from and now I have to share it with my community. I gained and learned a lot of things that not everyone has the opportunity to learn. I am so excited to apply what I gained, share it with others, and inspire talented people just like I had the opportunity to be inspired by great persons.”

techgirls Read more about the TechGirls Program, administered by Legacy International. TechGirls, a U.S. Department of State initiative, is an international exchange program designed to empower young girls to pursue careers in the science and technology sectors.