In 2010, 20 young professionals and social innovators from Kuwait and Oman, participated in Legacy’s Legislative Fellow Program.  This program links community and political leaders from the US, Kuwait, and Oman, supports social innovation, and strengthens mutual understanding of the legislative and policy making processes.

[Left:  Video of the Fall 2010 program shows the positive impact the program had in the lives and professional development of the fellows.]

One of the fellows, Dr. Mashael Al-Hijri, a professor of comparative law at Kuwait University, wrote about her LFP experience:

Mashael Al-Hijri with her mentor, the Hon. Tom Downey (D-NY)

“This fellowship has been an immense learning experience for me. I have learned many things about elections, leadership, minority issues, governance, advocacy, lobbying, pressure groups; transparency, accountability; grassroots efforts, women issues, youth involvement, legal aid, etc.

This fellowship provided me with unique opportunity to broaden my experience and knowledge in dynamics, operations and organization of Congress. I am still impressed with the number of people, meetings and events we covered in this period. But more importantly, it allowed me access to many sectors of the American society at diversified levels, be that formal institutions (eg Congress, department of labour) academic institutions (eg universities), media (eg news channels), state level (eg meetings with mayors), cultural (museums, shows), or direct contact with average Americans (homestay and Virginia).

But most importantly, I feel very privileged to have gotten the chance to meet and befriend other fellows from Kuwait and Oman who took part in this professional exchange program. Wonderful bonds were made during the time we spent together. I am sure that these friendships will develop into personal and professional relationships that last long after we have returned home.”