Special 40th Anniversary Fundraiser! 

From 1983 until 1990, Legacy’s projects in youth leadership development, environmental stewardship, global music and the Middle East peace process were a beacon of hope and today those alumni are creating a legacy as community leaders. Here is a great way to share in their stories, view Legacy’s history and support future projects.

To participate in the fundraiser, receive full length videos and tee shirts – complete this online order form and donate on-line. This offer is good until December 31, 2019.

Limited Time Offer (until December 31, 2019) – Donate and receive documentaries and original plays and tee shirts.

“Changing Tides Along the Mediterranean” In 1986, representatives from 13 countries came together in Cartagena, Spain for an environmental conference, in Ras Muhammed, Egypt for beach clean ups, and in Israeli kibbutzim and Arab villages for service projects and dialogue circles. This documentary which aired on the Discovery Channel was one of the first efforts to educate and seek solutions to the shrinking Mediterranean Sea; (available in Arabic, English, French, and Hebrew) 23 minutes in length

“Planting Seeds for Peace” In the summer of  1987 young Israeli Jews, Arabs and Palestinians toured US summer camps to talk about peace in the Middle East. Mohammed, Reema, Erez, Amir, and Miri continue to be brave leaders. This documentary which aired on the Discovery Channel . 23 minutes in length

 “A Man and His Music”Roop Verma, world renowned Master Sitarist was the Global Youth Village artist in residence for many summers in the 1980s. Get a glimpse into his life long journey from an aspiring monk to a family man and dedicated musician. 22 minutes in length

“The Future is in Your Hands”A compilation of Global Youth Villages from 1983-1988; lots of precious people  and heart-rending moments to remember! 12 minutes in length

PeaceChild/Middle East” and “In Our Hands” – these theatrical productions capture youth perspectives on global and local issues. Were you in the audience or did you perform in original plays whose themes are still timely?

Custom orders of footage are available to alumni who were involved in the taping for “Time for Understanding” footage shot in the US and Israel and West Bank in 1986. Contact Marlene marlene@legacyintl.org