Expectations of a Host

Create a meaningful learning experience

  • This is the primary expectation. It looks different in each organization but usually consists of some combination of projects, meetings, mentoring, observational opportunities, and participation in the organization as a whole. 

Talk to your fellow before their arrival

  • This is a good way to get a sense for their interests and skills, and co-create learning opportunities.

Have an on-site supervisor

  • Being there is key. Traveling or working remotely on occasion need not interfere with hosting a fellow, but in your absence a staff person who will be on site needs to be designated with responsibility for the fellow to ensure adequate work, support, and opportunities.

A clear project plan

  • A clear plan for what the fellow will do at your organization is a must for the success of the fellowship. It is such a short timeframe that there is usually not enough time for it to entirely unfold organically. There is no need to strictly adhere to the plan but it can provide you a helpful guide.

Regular check-in Meetings

  • We have found that a regular check-in meeting, at least weekly, has can ensure expectations are being met from both end and enable swift adjustments as needed.  

Project Support

  • Throughout their time in DC, fellows work on developing a project to address a need in their country or community. Hosts can be a great resource in this process and should have at least a minor support role in the project development and proposal writing.