Comments from Hosts

What hosts said about their experience:

 “It was a wonderful experience having Fatma with us to conduct research. She is a driven person doing very good work in her country.”

“We always learn so much about the cultural of these countries”

“This was my department's first interaction with Legacy International and it was a very positive experience. The fellowship program is such a beneficial partnership for all parties involved. We learned from our fellow, our fellow learned from us, and we also learned more about the impressive history of Legacy International. I really like the fact that the fellows can take the skills that they learned back to their home country where they can improve their own communities through a tangible project.”

Our fellow was “someone who could really step up and help out when another staff member was called away on a family emergency.”

“We learned a tremendous amount from our fellow…”

“Our fellow was excellent and contributed the overall functioning of the office.”

“Great sharing of knowledge and culture.”

“Getting to share in the 'future'. The Fellow assigned to [us] was smart and capable and had a lot to offer.”

“It was great to have Nidhal's expertise for this project. Given that our team members had little experience working on UN-related topics, Nidhal's experience working on the COP21 process was very helpful.”

“Having the fellow from another country meant students were able to learn firsthand the "universality" of the human rights concept directly from him, with concrete comparative examples.”

“The fellows always bring new energy and perspectives to our work and office culture..”

“Very helpful support in our project and contribution of a broader view.”

“The fellow was uniquely qualified and motivated in engaging young people with a different background…”