Host a Fellow at Your Organization! 

Fellows are placed at businesses, social enterprises, NGOs, incubators and government agencies for a hands-on practical fellowship experience. This portion of the program provides fellows with the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge while also growing their professional network.

Our fellows are working to address the most pressing social issues in their countries and communities; and therefore, they bring substantial experience to their host organizations/businesses. All fellows have shown leadership skills and commitment positively impacting their communities and countries. Our fellows come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and many can be described as:

Socially-minded, Innovative Professionals

Action-Oriented Entrepreneurs 

Trainers, Educators and Changemakers

What does the program involve?

The Professional Fellows Program (PFP) for Economic Empowerment in the Middle East and North Africa links emerging leaders from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia with their American counterparts. This high-profile US State Department-sponsored initiative designed to promote economic empowerment is run by Legacy International. During this six week program, fellows participate in a week-long immersive training, followed by a four-week fellowship experience. That's where you come in! Fellows will be partnered with a start-up, business or organization in the DMV that correlates to their field of interest and work experience. Participants will also receive weekly training from Legacy International staff and partner organizations during the fellowship period.

Meet some of our previous fellowship hosts! 

Saleema Vellani

Cofounder, Innovazing

Wa'il Ashshowwaf

CEO, Unstuck Labs

Julie McBride

CEO, Stage Six

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Wondering how you should prepare for your incoming fellow? We have prepared a few tips and tricks to create a productive fellowship for you and your fellow!

Outbound Program

Are you interested in travelling with other American hosts to gain a deeper understanding of your fellows work at home? You may be eligible to join our Outbound Programs!


Do you have questions about the program? Wondering what hosting a fellow requires or how you can get involved? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page!