Serving Youth from Algeria to America

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My name is Hamza Berrouane and I am from beautiful Algeria. In my country, I work in civic society and the focus of all my projects and activities is youth development, so I consider myself very lucky to be placed in an organization that shares the same goals and focuses like “Youth Service America.” I am eager to work at YSA, because not only does it helps young people to take charge and be the change that they want to see in their communities, but also it will me teach a lot by showing me how things are done in America and I will learn new approaches and ideas on how to deal with youth problems. What I love the most about my work is that what I give to YSA, I get back in support from YSA’s staff.

Coming to this program, I was aware that it would be a great learning experience for me, but what I didn’t expect is the human connections that I have already made in America.

Being part of this amazing group of people from my home country Algeria and Egypt, who are all working toward a society where young people are respected, valued, their voices are heard and where they are supported to realize their maximum potential now and in the future; spending the time with this group has been so inspiring. It showed me that there is still hope for our youth and that change is coming. On a personal level, I am so proud to say that I gained amazing friendships with people that I would’ve never met elsewhere.

The American hospitality was also a highlight for me; everybody is helpful from the staff of Legacy International to the staff of the organization that I’m placed in – “Youth Service America.”

I still have more than three weeks to experience and explore the country and the culture. And I can’t wait to go back to my country to share the things that I learned here with my community, to benefit as many people as possible.

Author: Hamza Berrouane

Hamza is an organizational and events planning professional having worked extensively with events, conferences, and camps. Besides his membership involvement, he is the founder and manager of HB.Events, a cultural events planning company. Hamza’s work in this field is derived from her creativity and passion for culture and art. Throughout his work with events planning company he has organized and conceptualized many events including TEDx, Algerian youth camps, Algerian youth conferences, and many others. 

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