Perfect Strangers

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Have you ever felt this strong sensation when you meet somebody for the first time as if you have known them forever? Like love … But it’s not.

Sometimes life puts in your way perfect strangers who become, day after day, an inseparable part of your life.

Before starting this experience, I admit that I was quite worried about meeting new people from different countries with different mentalities, religions, and traditions. Especially that I would be the only Algerian woman in the PFP Fall delegation, but then, the story began!

I first met these strangers at the airport, we spent 8 hours on the same plane. It was not easy at all, yet it allowed us to live a unique experience together supporting and taking care of each other, although we met like an hour before.

Times passed by and we started sharing many things: we worked together, we shopped together, we got lost together, we ate together, and we cried together too. We were united. Progressively, this familiarity transformed into this strong relationship that now qualifies as a “Friendship”!  

These perfect strangers made my experience funnier and more interesting. They made it so great it wouldn’t have been the same without them.

We came to DC as two separate groups, and we will go back home as a team. Nothing is more precious than this! I will never forget all the wonderful moment spent with these great people.


Author: Lila Romeili

Lila specializes in communication, events, and digital marketing. Lila is determined to not only raise awareness for women but to also be a person of change. She hopes to continue and elevate the work already being done in Algerian society and keep supporting women who are marginalized and mistreated. Her goal is that through a series of workshops and events about a variety of women’s issues, women will become more educated and confident in themselves to reach their personal goals.

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