My Dream Has Wings

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“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paulo Coelho.

Being here is not coincidental, it is part of our dreams that we believe in, which took wings and flew—through Legacy—to discover each other and exchange experiences.

We, the Algerian and Egyptian delegations, belong to North Africa where we share similar geography, close history and the same challenges in each society.

Most of us left our positions and stable jobs in government, shifted our careers to serve our communities, started as volunteers working in the streets with people to feel their dreams and hopes, which became part of our dreams.

I believe in signs and since the first day of our orientation session, I recognized that every one of us has a dream with deep responsibility towards our communities. During the first tour on the way to the Lincoln Memorial, the sign became clear, when I noticed Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote “I have a Dream.”

We have dreams for better education, development, empowerment, culture and art, justice and equality, and so on. In the second week of the program with Mike and Maryna, we started to identify the accurate steps to organize the vision of our dreams and how to achieve them. Mike taught us the nicest method to measure the reality and impact of our dreams through the future.

Now, we have recognized that the biggest dream is changing ourselves, believing in our power to help the people in our countries.

Personally, my dream is dedicating my position and knowledge in educating people to respect their heritage and appreciate their identity through museums. Signs are following me every day during my visit to different museums through my fellowship, which emphasized the fact that my dream will become true.

My dream has wings and is flying freely.

Author: Nagwa Bakr

Nagwa focuses on creating cultural awareness through museum exhibitions and heritage sites. Her work in inviting the public to see local culture and heritage crafts strives to propel public discussion of history. She is also working on providing opportunities for women to build careers deriving from their technical skills in craft making. 

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