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The Human Side of You is Stronger

By liadmin | November 2, 2017

“Algeria and Egypt had their fair share of conflict back in the 70’s and even in the late 2000’s. The story, for both conflicts, was about soccer—something shameful for both nations. Two of the greatest and most ancient civilizations in the world fighting over a ball of fancy rubber and leather. And the worst thing…

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Fall Fellows Learn Lessons

By liadmin | January 1, 2016

For seven years, Legacy International  has administered the Professional Fellows Program (PFP) that brings leaders in the fields of civic engagement, NGO management, women and youth empowerment and entrepreneurship from Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria to the United States to broaden their professional expertise and create the groundwork for further international cooperation and world development.…

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Tech Change Welcomes Heba

By liadmin | December 11, 2015

Here’s the welcome that Tech Change provided to a PFP Fellow this Fall. Tech Change provides online professional development in technology and social change. Around the world, implementers in public health, emergency response, monitoring and evaluation, all struggle to solve pressing issues with limited resources. Tech Change connects them with relevant content, experts, and certification using our…

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Hello from NDI Tech

By liadmin | November 8, 2015

Professional Fellows from Egypt and Algeria are now serving in unique fellowship placements in Washington, DC. The fellows are highly-accomplished young professionals  appreciative of the opportunity to share knowledge and information and to learn from American entrepreneurs and innovative non-profit organizations. Following blog is reposted from the NDITech blog : “My name is Alia Mokbel and…

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On My Way to Serve DC

By liadmin | July 13, 2015

“I spent the majority of my fellowship journey in the District of Columbia, where I was assigned by Legacy International to fulfill a unique experience in a governmental organization in my field of work on community service and volunteerism. Upon my arrival to DC, it took me a while to figure out the status of…

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We are all Human After All

By liadmin | June 3, 2015

“Before I came to visit the US in 2013, I thought all Americans are like Robots. All they care about is money, money and only money, work, work, work. Before coming to the States, I had read different travel accounts about both America (by Arab writers) and about Arab countries (by European and American writers).…

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Tunisia is a North African Democracy

By liadmin | June 2, 2015

” It’s fantastic that Tunisia is the only democracy in the Middle-East? In fact Tunisia isn’t in the Middle East, but in North Africa This common mistake made by lots of DC think tank policy analysts reflects how little US elites have knowledge about Tunisia. By initiating the Arab Spring, the country has appeared suddenly on…

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For Science, For Action, For Health

By liadmin | June 1, 2015

“With this short slogan, The American Public Health Association summarizes its mission, as well as my journey in the 5-story building of the APHA headquarters in Washington, DC. My experience here has exposed me to the incredible world of public health, the world where APHA staff try to close the gap between science and action. The…

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Be the Change You Want to See

By liadmin | May 26, 2015

Yassine Zegzouti, Founding President, Director Association Mawarid for Environment and Energy “When I founded the Mawarid non-government organization to address environmental issues in Morocco in 2009, my goals was to promote new attitudes that support and anchor environmental values within the Moroccan society. This mission wasn’t easy because there are other priorities which are now viewed by citizens as more…

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Similar and Different: In the US

By liadmin | May 25, 2015

Sanae Hanine, from Rabat, Morocco, is the Marketing Manager with the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Works in education training. “Visiting the United States, the most powerful country in the world, was a dream. This would be impossible without the help of Legacy International and the Department of State, and I thank…

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A Video View

The Fellows Experience View videos created by the fellows and a 3-part documentary following the experiences of our 2013 Legislative Fellows. To create the documentary, Legacy partnered with award-winning filmmaker and documentarian Chithra Jeyram.

In the News

“Egypt Offers Hope and Hardship” by Congressman Scott Klug Congressman Klug, was a U.S. delegate traveling to Egypt and wrote a column for the Wisconsin State Journal.

“Reflections from Egypt: What is True Democracy?” by Paul S. Ryan Ryan, of the Campaign Legal Center, a U.S. delegate in Legacy’s Legislative Fellows Program traveling to Egypt, wrote about the delegation’s program in Egypt.

"Dispatches from Egypt: Deep Frustration" by Larry LaRocco Former Congressman from Idaho posted regular and in-depth observations and analysis of the political situation in Egypt in the Idaho Statesmen.

"Educator from Oman Learns Political Lessons Through U.S. Election" Participant Yasmin Shannan Al-Bulushi says working on a campaign during the U.S. presidential election has inspired and prepared her to improve the political process in her country.

"The Importance of Democracy in North Africa" by Peter Fenn Peter Fenn, U.S. Delegate wrote for the U.S.News & World Report about his impressions as the group met with Moroccans from all walks of life including members of parliament, local officials, community leaders, students, and educators.