Religious scholars, clerics, and community leaders of Indonesia and the United States  increase their knowledge of the counterpart country and  establish a dialogue about the scholarship and practice of religion (particularly Islam) in both countries.  They examine the compatibility of religious practice with democratic social and political values in this two year program sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. State Department.

Rabbi Jill Jacobs with Indonesian students

28 Indonesian participants and 10 U.S. participants  visited each other’s countries and participated in discussion forums, open dialogues, and training sessions occurred in both nations, reaching an audience of over 3,000 in Indonesia and 2,000 in the United States.  Participants shared their new knowledge of each others cultures, history and current events.

Dr. Lawrence at Pesantren Nurul Bayan


The Indonesian delegates represent a new generation of leaders playing a pivotal role in improving higher education in Indonesia.  Each of them is active on the community level; applying intellectual discourse to community issues and public discussion.  Legacy International is grateful to all the speakers, academic institutions, religious organizations, and NGOs that participated.  We were hosted on college campuses, enjoyed visits to many organizations and had stimulating discussion with many US community leaders.
United States:  The US delegations were comprised of scholars and community activities who work in academia, diplomacy, Islamic studies, comparative religious studies, dialogue, interfaith work and community development.

“We suggested formal and informal methods for improving US-Indonesian relations such as increased scholarly exchange, interfaith cooperation, joint research work between universities and other academic institutions and language training.”  



Jakarta, JAVA

KH.  Nurwahidin – University of Indonesia (UI)
Sukron Kamil  – Islamic State University-UIN Jakarta
Saifullah Kamalie – University of Al Azhar
Nur Rofiah  – Islamic State University
Husain Heriyanto – Paramadina University
Siti Rohmah Soekarba – University of Indonesia (UI)
Very Aziz  – Paramadina University
Muhammad Imdadun Rahmat-
PTIQ- Institute of Qu’ranic Sciences, Paras Foundation
Romlah Abubakar Askar -Darunnajah Islamic College/UIN Jakarta, the State Islamic University/ PTIQ- Institute of Qu’ranic Sciences/ University of Al Azhar, Jakarta
Ai Fatimah Nur Fuad – Muhammadiyah University, Jakarta/ Dr.Hamka University/Paramadina
Saifuddin Zuhri – PTIQ- Institute of Qu’ranic Sciences/ Institution of Islamic and Society Studies

Yogyakarta, JAVA

Alim Roswantoro – State Islamic University-UIN Yogyakarta
Farid – University of Gajah Mada
Muqowim – Muhammadiyah Education Board/ State Islamic University
Sembodo Widodo – State Islamic University- UIN Yogyakarta
Tri Hastuti – Muhammadiyah University, Yogyakarta
Muhammad Fajrul Munawir – Islamic State University of Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta

Palembang, SUMATRA
Ismail Sukardi – IAIN Raden Fatah State Islamic Institute
Hamidah – IAIN Raden Fatah State Islamic Institute

Malang, Java
Abdul Haris- Muhammadiyah University, Malang
Muslihati-Malang State University
Cekli Setya Pratiwi – Muhammadiyah University, Malang
Rahayu Relawati- Muhammadiyah University, Malang
Ahmad Adip Muhdi–  STAI Salahuddin, an Islamic College, Pasuruan/ STAI Darullughah Wadda’wah, Bangil/ STIT Muhammadiyah Bangil, an Islamic Education College/ STIT PGRI, Pasuruan

Nikmatullah  -IAIN Mataram, the State Islamic Institute
Ahmad Zaenuri – STIT Nurul Hakim Kediri, an Islamic Education College/IAIN Mataram, the State Islamic Institute



Dr. Abubaker Al Shingieti – International Institute of Islamic Thought
Dr. Sulayman Nyang – Howard University
Sister Marianne Farina Ph.D. – Graduate Theological Union
Dr. Racelle Weiman – Dialogue Institute at Temple University
Milia Islam – Islamic Society of North America
Dr. Bruce B. Lawrence –  Duke University Department of Religion
Dr. Zahid H. Bukhari – Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University
Sister Maria Hornung – Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia
Rabbi Jill Jacobs –  Jewish Funds for Justice in New York.
Lanisa Kitchiner -Howard University


An official at the US Embassy in Jakarta in January 2008 reported that there are only 8,000 Ph.D. in all of Indonesia.  Dr. Sulayman Nyang of Howard University while travelling with Legacy International in Indonesia consistently encouraged scholars to get published in Academic Journals so that the voice of Indonesia, the third largest democracy in the world  and a candidate for admission to the UN Security Council could be heard.

RSD delegate Alim Roswantoroa,is a lecturer of Philosophy at State Islamic University and lecturer of History of Islamic Thought and Civilization at Indonesia Islamic University (UII-Yogyakarta).  He is also the secretary of Center for Religion, Culture and Society Studies UIN Yogyakarta. Alim is rising in prominence and his reputation for promoting spirited critical analysis is growing because he has been given opportunities to receive training and certification in the US and Malaysia.

Indonesian students attend lecture of U.S. delegates

Just recently he has taken one of the books given to him as a gift by J.E. Rash, Legacy’s President entitled “Islam and Democracy” and he will use it as a basis for an article in an Academic journal but more importantly in series of public discussions he will hold.   The editor of Hermenia: the Journal of Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies. The secretary of Essensia: Journal of Islamic Theology and Philosophy.  A doctoral candidate for Islamic studies. He has written 17 articles published in scholarly journals. He is a member of Islamic Studies Forum, Yogyakarta. Prior to his involvement in Legacy’s programs he had never traveled outside Indonesia.