In-Bound U.S. Programs (Spring & Fall 2011)

Two delegations, each made up of six Moroccans and six Egyptians, traveled to the U.S. for 4-week programs built around hands-on interaction in personalized “internships” throughout the Carilion Clinic network and health care community in southern Virginia.

Egyptian and Moroccan health care providers exchanged information and best practices with their U.S. peers from public health organizations and advocacy groups that serve disadvantaged urban and rural communities.

Fellowship placements, reciprocal exchange activities, and home stay with American families created lasting personal and professional relationships between the Fellows and their varied U.S. hosts.  Special sessions with representatives from MKI and George Washington University’s School of Public Health introduced Fellows to innovative models and technologies which can enhance their initiatives in their respective home communities.

Additional meetings were held with such  institutions as the American Public Health Association, and mHealth Alliance, among others.

Outbound North African Program (Autumn 2011 & Winter 2012)

Following each U.S. fellowship segment, U.S. participants will travel to Egypt and Morocco to continue their engagement with the Fellows by participating in joint outreach activities, engaging local media, consulting at the Fellows’ workplaces, and making presentations to wider audiences.

These journeys to North Africa provide opportunities for professional and cultural interactions, consultation, and seminars to large groups, and aim to promote on-going collaborations.

Lasting Impact through Local Projects

This initiative is designed to have an expansive outreach and lasting impact in rural communities in Morocco and Egypt.

  • Upon their return to their homes, Fellows share and implement new ideas with their colleagues, positively impacting the capacity of many additional community health care providers, leaders and organizers.
  • Fellows will also implement sustainable health programs at the community level. Legacy offered mini-grants to support the design and implementation of these local projects.
  • U.S. professionals have offered multiple trainings, consultations, and public information sessions during their trips to Morocco and Egypt.
  • A 30- minute educational video has been created and disseminated on national television (and web broadcasting) in North Africa.

Learn more about rural health care issues in Morocco & Egypt