Fatimazahra El FilaliMOROCCO

Fatimazahra El Filali

  • City:  Safi (north of Essaouira)
  • Languages: Arabic, French, English
  • Education: MA in Entrepreneurship & SME Strategies, Economics & Business Administration
  • Current Title and Place of Work:  Division Administrator for Human Resources, Doukkala Abda Region, Ministry of Health
  • Current Responsibilities: recruits staff, professional advancement / development, plans & organizes training services.  Identifies what training needs are, then organizes trainings.  (Previous work in sales & marketing strategies in a Marrakech hotel.)
  • Membership: Committee of International Days of Marketing in Marrakesh; is responsible for PR and communications (6 years).  Association Against AIDS (Essaouira; works on projects to educate young people about AIDS in rural areas).
  • Motivation / Professional Interests / Other Notable Information: Primary field of interest is in health service administration. Issues / obstacles noted: lack of doctors.  Sites 1:3700 ratio.  Also cites poverty, which is exacerbated by large families who have only one income earner.  Sees role for media in effecting changes in “traditional values or equivalently motivate people towards modernization.” [written English not fluent; not able to grasp the depth of what she is trying to convey.] Sees a casual factor to illness among rural populations is in a “lack of awareness,” and the solution to address this is via communication media. “If we can raise awareness of keeping healthy, then surely they can work more efficiently and can contribute to rural development. To assess the health awareness in this regards, it is important to include other elements such as habits of cleanliness, eating habits, drinking water, vaccination awareness, family planning.”  Volunteer work in areas of AIDS education with women & children.  Wants to continue over the long term to work in the Ministry of Health.  She has a desire to correct culture of corruption.  (No US travel; has participated in 2 exchange programs to France.)
  • Age: 26

Imane JroundiImane Jroundi

  • City:  Rabat
  • Languages: Arabic, French, English
  • Education: Diploma of Medicine (’07), Univ. Mohamed V, Rabat; MPH (Spain); Diploma of National Medicine Specialty (Social Medicine); Masters in Epidemiology & Clinical Methodology (France/distance learning), PhD in Medicine (International health), Univ. of Barcelona (in process)
  • Current Title and Place of Work:  Teacher/researcher; National Institute of Health Administration with Ministry of Health.  Investigates what are the most prevalent diseases among children 5 and under, and reports to Ministry for use in guiding policy decisions.  (Cites respiratory & diarrheal diseases.)
  • Current Responsibilities:  coordinates and teaches modules in such subjects as:  investigation of epidemic episode & epidemiology of infectious disease.  Supervises final thesis for students.   Also involved with national and international partners in research studies.  Duties also related to hospital based (nosocomial) infectious disease surveillance.
  • Motivation / Professional Interests / Other Notable Information: Interests are in epidemiology (particularly of infectious diseases), sanitation.   Issues / obstacles noted: cites lack of accurate epidemiological data on infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases, for implementation & evaluation of national health policies.  Project idea involves developing a strong yet simple surveillance system for infectious diseases among children in remote areas.  Dr Jroundi is strategically placed within the ministry to effect change.  She works primarily with a children’s hospital in Rabat, but also conducts studies in remote, rural areas, and is very familiar with the conditions faced there.  (Is interested in her fellowship including some time with the health department here in the U.S.) (No previous travel in US;  in Spain for 1 year for MPH studies; Belgium, 1 month for a course in management of infectious disease.)
  • Age:  37

Khalid NeghyefKhalid Neghyef

  • City:  Fez
  • Languages: Arabic, French, English, Berber
  • Education: Nurse, specialization in Environmental Health
  • Current Title and Place of Work:  Ministry of Health, Fez Region, Environmental Health Technician.
  • Current Responsibilities:  control and monitoring of drink water in rural areas outside Fez; safe disposal of waste water/sold waste.  Provide information, education, communication.
  • Membership: Assoc. of Midwives of Fez (volunteer); Assoc. of Health Technicians of Morocco
  • Motivation / Professional Interests / Other Notable info: Issues / obstacles noted: “adequate reception facilities” for prenatal care, “birth homes far from population”; geographical barriers, poverty, few trained medical personnel to support pregnant women.  Extensive experience working in very isolated areas (Errachidia), where he worked with a number of Peace Corp Volunteers.   Project idea involves creating a place in rural area where pregnancy education classes can occur, and a place for “accouchement” (“confinement”). Strong commitment to work with midwives in Fez.  Many ideas on how to improve and has support of supervisors.  (No US travel; was in France, in 2003.)
  • Age: 42

Mohammed Arif

  • City:  Chichaoua (in between Essaouira & Marrakech)
  • Languages: Arabic, French, English
  • Education: Diploma in Nursing
  • Current Title & Place of Work: Head Nurse, Ministry of Health, Chichaoua (outpatient & inpatient)
  • Current Responsibilities:   monitors programs related to maternal/child care, family planning, vaccinations, environmental health, epidemiological monitoring.
  • Membership: Association of Greater Atlas of Human Development (works to improve lives of those in isolated, inland areas.)
  • Motivation / Professional Interests / Other Notable info: Wants to be able to find ways to overcome the extreme isolation in the region he serves, by focusing more on specialized, mobile medical units.  Has strong opinions about need for more government and international agency help to address these issues.   Issues / obstacles noted: continued high maternal/infant mortality, despite increased economic support by government.  Cites no real change in his region due to cultural factors.  Primarily cites lack of pre and postnatal education and intrapartum care, and due to the extreme isolation in some areas.  (Helicopter only means of access in some areas.)  Special note: social media skills.  Is web administrator (and initiator) for a portal for professional health care workers: http://www.momarrid.ma/ and is developing a second web site which focuses more on Chichaoua.
  • Age:  26

Rabii LarhrissiRabii Larhrissi

  • City:  Taroudannt  (west of Agadir, southern part of Morocco)
  • Languages: Arabic, French, English
  • Education: Physician, general practitioner (specialty in occupational health & safety)
  • Current Title & Place of Work:  Doctor, primary care, with Ministry of Health, sees about 30 people each day, of which 80% are children (outpatient only).
  • Current Responsibilities:   Currently serves in an urban area serving about 12,000 people.  Previously, he was placed in a more rural region with broad responsibilities as a head doctor, supervising a staff of 19 + physicians and nurses, and 2 Peace Corp volunteers (for 6 years).
  • Motivation / Professional Interests / Other Notable Information: Issues / obstacles noted: lack of will among health professionals & ministry officials to fully embrace community health education that is effective across language/culture barriers (Berber/Arab).  Dr. Larhrissi had an opportunity to create DVDs in Amazigh language in collaboration with Peace Corp volunteers to educate indigenous people about many basic health issues (hygiene, to AIDS, to proper trash disposal).  His project idea is to launch an extensive regional health education campaign in Amazigh, but feels he needs some skill development to properly embark on this.  Skill sets of interest include:  leadership styles, leading a cross-cultural team, strategy tools, communication skills, time management, problem solving skills.
  • Age: 35

Rachid LamjaimerRachid Lamjaimer

  • City:  Rabat
  • Languages: Arabic, French, English, Berber
  • Education: Master in Public Health, Univ. North Carolina, 1999
  • Current Title and Place of Work:  Health Program Assistant & Training Coordinator, Peace Corp
  • Current Responsibilities:  background research to develop new initiatives and improve current projects; supports /monitors US volunteers; curriculum development & training classes for volunteers.  Works in close collaboration with Ministry of Health so Peace Corp efforts are in-line with the ministry’s goals.
  • Motivation / Professional Interests / Other Notable Information: Issues / obstacles noted: Very comprehensive understanding of the health issues in Morocco (poverty, illiteracy, dispersed population in rural areas, lack of financial resources, high maternal mortality rate associated with low usage of prenatal care services & low rate of medically trained assistants during childbirth; drinking water issues, solid waste disposal issues).  Follow-up project idea is to develop a “lay health liaison” project to demystify the medical provider/consumer relationship, promoted interaction, mutual respect, to make health outreach more effective.  It has been over 10 years since his studies in US.  He wants to renew/refresh his knowledge of public health field; to find new, more effective models for application in Morocco.  Also interested in SMS texting and its application in rural health.  (Previous U.S. experience as Fulbright scholar at UNC for MPH, ’99.  Other travels to Kyrgyz Republic & Macedonia for Peace Corp.)
  • Age:  42