In each of our programs Legacy offers individuals and organizations practical ways to increase local and regional peace and stability by addressing the root causes of critical issues, such as poverty, inequality, intolerance, and rule of law.  This was the case with our Kyrgyz Women’s Leadership Development and NGO Capacity – Building Program.  After participating in the first stage of Legacy’s training, each participant was offered a small grant to design and implementation a community project.

Pictures from Successful Projects

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Kyrgyz Women’s Projects

Islam : Religion of Peace
Dilbarkan Mamazhusupova, NGO: Iret; and Chinara Zhusupova, NGO: Ail Ayimdary
As the vast majority of the members of the communities living in Osh and Djalalabad Oblasts follow an Islamic belief, the project aims to promote the traditional Islamic values of peace and tolerance. Working with religious and community leaders, two groups in two pilot locations facilitated discussion on the topic;  training 7 others in each group, with an anticipating  impact on over 112 people.   Participants will also produce and disseminate samples of brochures, handouts and meeting agendas to be used by other members of their communities. Participants will also compile a database of the leaders in their area and utilize communication tools such as gaining feedback and soliciting comments through conducting surveys as a mechanism for promoting Islamic values.
The project duration: December 10, 2010 – June 2011.
Geographic coverage: Osh city, Suzak Ail Okmoty of Djalalabad oblast

Together We Stop Domestic Violence
Nargiza Eshtaeva, Center of Women’s Initiative “Ayalzat” in Osh city
The project aims to conduct an informational campaign on preventing domestic violence. It will include the production and distribution of printed materials raising the awareness of citizens about domestic violence and educating public and local government officials of the laws and regulations concerning this issue. Citizens will be introduced to their rights and how to support victims of domestic abuse. The project will serve initially 35 women in Uzgen rayon of Osh Oblast. The project will also establish a mobile group to travel to different rural areas in the Oblast to raise public awareness and provide emergency assistance to victims in rural areas.
The project duration: December 10, 2010 – April 2011.
Geographic coverage: Kara-Dykan village of Uzgen raion of Osh oblast

Together to the Future
Zhumagul Bolponova, NGO: Too-moun aimdary
After the previous rounds of ethnic violence, both Kyrgyz and Uzbek families do not feel safe in their current neighborhoods. This project aims to improve the interethnic relations between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks through the mobilization of women  in the south of Kyrgyzstan near the border with Uzbekistan.  An initial group of 16 women in 4 villages will be trained in leadership skills, tolerance, and facilitation skills. These women will then go on to train and additional 70 women and printed instructional materials will be distributed to be used in conflict management and prevention situations.
Project Duration: December 2010 – May 2011
Geographic coverage: villages Dostuk, Zheke-Miste, Ak-Shar, Syrt in Aravan raion of Osh oblast

Rule of Law
Valentina Galich, NGO: Chintamani
One of the main reasons identified for the spread of violence and hostility in the south of Kyrgyzstan is the absence of law and lack of awareness of laws. This project aims to strengthen participation of youth and citizens in mitigating conflict situations and preventing ethnic discriminations among 150 10th-grade school children from 5 schools in rural villages.  The project will strengthen interrelationships between local government, security structures, and civil society to prevent interethnic conflicts among school-aged children.  It will also involve school children in the process of problem solving related to ethnic discrimination and raising awareness of the public about the problems related to ethnic discrimination among school-aged children.
Project duration: December 2010 – June 2011
Geographic coverage: villages Ak-Kurgan, Soset-Bulak, Aktam, Dostuk, Baimak of Ala-Buka raion.

Way to Justice
Lira Karagulova, NGO: Intercultural education
The teachers in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan lack basic rights such as access to land ownership, access to social and medical services, access to professional development, and cooperation from local authorities. This project aims to raise the awareness of these issues and establish regulated and monitored communication processes with all stakeholders. The project will train and establish initial groups to engage in dialogue with local authorities and school administrators as well as educate teachers about their rights in rural areas.  An estimated  50 teachers will be trained in the initial outreach.  A monitoring process will be established through surveys of trainees and stakeholders.
Project duration: December 15-June 15, 2011
Geographic coverage: Ail Okmoty (local municipality) in Chui oblast

Capacity Development of the NGO partners of Community Development Alliance (CDA)
Gulmira Rasulova, NGO: Community Development Alliance (CDA)
Community Development Alliance (CDA) works closely with the NGOs in 7 oblasts in Kyrgyzstan in conducting social mobilization campaigns and trainings and helping groups on the community level,using the framework of the UNIFEM projects.   This project will strengthen of the organizational sustainability of the CDA partners through providing consultations, trainings on organizational sustainability of the NGOs. Leaders of the partner NGOs in 7 oblasts will be trained to improve their filing system and circulation of documents plus implementation of methods of capacity building and leadership learned in the US through the Kyrgyz Women’s Leadership & Capacity Building program. Training is planned for 2-3 days in Bishkek in March 2011. There will be practical consultations and support for the participants while they undertake the reforms.
Project duration: December 2010 – June 2011
Geographic coverage: Chui, Talas, Issykkul, Naryn, Osh, Djalalabad, Batken oblasts

Improving the Image of NGOs that Provide Humanitarian Aid in the South of Kyrgyzstan
Mamasalieva Gulgaky, Centre Interbilim, Osh
After the violent events in the south of Kyrgyz Republic, local NGOs have joined into one movement in order to more effectively supporting the needs of the people. This movement is called Regional Humanitarian Forum (RHF) and has 14 member NGOs. Through training the 14 representatives of the RHF on media relations and broadcasting issues, the project is aimed at raising awareness through the creation of TV programs about the services provided by NGOs.  The programs will highlight success stories to demonstrate to local authorities and business owners  the value of NGOs in changing citizens’ attitudes toward issues. It will also demonstrate how state bodies can save money by collaborating with NGOs.
Project duration: January – June 2011
Geographic coverage: South of Kyrgyzstan

Youth for Peace
Feruza Tolonova, NGO: Temirkan Datka
The majority of people engaged in violence in the previous ethnic conflict in south Kyrgyzstan were youth, this project aims to assist in decreasing  tension between young people of different ethnic groups by promoting values and skills of tolerance. This will be achieved by mobilizing 90 young people from Djalalabad area. Youth, teachers of universities and institutes, leaders of religious groups, and representatives of local government will engage in mediated round table discussions. Pre-meetings will prepare the suitable environment for discussions. The project will create a platform for communication among youth to train and practice conflict prevention techniques. The participants will gain skills of tolerance and a culture of non-violence among young people by starting a constructive dialogue and strengthening friendships among youth of different ethnic groups.
Project duration: January – June 2011
Geographic coverage: Djalalabad Oblast

Informational-Educational Program for Women Entrepreneurs in Osh Oblast
Baktigul Musaeva, Public Foundation: Micro Crediting Agency of Promoting and Involving Women into Small and Medium Scale Business
Because of the poor economic situation in the South of Kyrgyzstan, many women have started to undertake different income-generating activities such as traditional handcrafts, wool processing, etc. These women face problems in effectively implementing  their business activities and paying back their loans on time. Most of the problems identified can be mitigated by better planning and business skills. This project aims to develop capacity and leadership potential of 50 women entrepreneurs in Osh oblast.   2 trainings will be held for the women from the loan borrower’s database. A training program will be designed for business planning using information and knowledge gained during the program in the USA. Participants will be trained on issues of fund raising, marketing and budgeting to assist them in developing better business plans. The program will provide support and consultations for loan borrowers on business planning with the help of 3 experts. It will also include local preparations and distribution of the leaflets with the information for public.
The project duration: December 2010 – June 2011
Geographic coverage: Myrzaki village, Uzgen raion of Osh oblast.

Promoting Youth Volunteerism and Participation in Local Development
Farida Abdyldaeva, Center of Law and Civic Culture
This project is aimed at promoting volunteerism and youth participation in community development processes through mobilization of 10 activists from Naryn and Talas oblasts. Project participants will engage in a local decision-making process like budgeting and in addressing local social issues.   The project will  recruit young motivated people, build the capacity of the selected activists, and training trainers in social mobilization, local self governance, gender, and advocacy.   Seminars on volunteerism and community service will also be offered for selected participants who are monitoring implementation of local development plans and local budget for 2011-2012. The project is estimated to mobilize about 100 volunteers in the 2 served areas.
The project duration: December 2010 – October 2011.
Geographic coverage: Talas and Naryn oblasts