We enjoy hearing from you about your experiences in one of Legacy’s Programs. Whether you were a participant, or staff member, host to participants or guest presenter, we are always interested in hearing and sharing with others your involvement.  We welcome your view, please contact us.

Johna Campbell, Management Partner, Cogent Management Resources, Kyrgyz Women’s Initiative participant

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have been selected as a member of the Team of Excellence.  This trip and the warm people of Kyrgyzstan will be a memory that I cherish forever. The professionalism and dedication that the Legacy team exhibits in all facets of trip preparation, handling travel details, facilitating meetings and relationship building are amazing and exemplify world class behavior.

Marlene Ginsberg and Khaled Hassouna led the team and both serve as examples of multicultural understanding in action.  Their tenacity, patience and dedication to the Legacy mission and the program goals are admirable.  I acknowledge that years of work went into this program as they, and others like them on the Legacy team, have sought to assess needs and build relationships.

I believe that the sessions presented through this program were valuable to all involved.  They created many opportunities for discussion, exploration and understanding.  While the Legacy delegates arrived in Kyrgyzstan with a primary mission to present prepared training sessions, we all acknowledged that this was a two-way learning opportunity. I would be honored to travel again, at some point in the future, as a member of a Legacy Team of Excellence and look forward to future interactions with this great organization.”

Shanna FlowersShanna Flowers, Manager in Volunteer Services, Carilion Clinic, Roanoke. Kyrgyz Women’s Initiative participant

“I was able to meet and connect with women from another country who are emerging leaders on the front lines of change in their nation. The workshops, which I facilitated in Bishkek, Osh and Jalabad, put me in contact with women who are so focused, determined and passionate about their endeavors. On shoestring budgets and some working in buildings with less-than-ideal accommodations, these women doggedly pursue efforts aimed at improving the lives of women, children, the disabled and other vulnerable populations.

From these women, I learned about their country and its pressing issues, many of which are very similar to issues that American women confront. I offered my expertise in Volunteerism in a way that would benefit their programs.

My experience was a wonderful opportunity socially, culturally and professionally. I was struck by the good nature and generous spirit of the Kyrgyz people. The exchange is a program with much value. Legacy International is a very capable conduit in bridging peoples and nations. My sincerest thanks.”

Joe RobinsonJoe Robinson, Retired, International Trade Manager, Formerly the Governor’s Office, Kyrgyz Women’s Initiative participant

“As the previous International Trade Manager, formerly the Governor’s Office, for the State of Virginia, I had the privilege to put together and lead many working overseas trips.  I led the very first State business mission to Saudi Arabia, participated in the first U. S. Commerce Department exhibition “opening up” of China in 1982, led Governors and businessmen delegations to Japan, South Korea, Germany, Israel and many other countries.  I participated in over 40 overseas working delegation trips in my career.

Based on my many years of experience in overseas working delegation trips, I can truly say that Legacy International has exceeded my expectations on a job well done.  Legacy’s attention to detail, sticking to the focus purpose of the program, the constant mention that the U. S. State Department is the source and provider of the funds to bring this training to women leadership in Kyrgyzstan, is heartwarming.

The intended goal of all our efforts does indeed produce the desired multiplier effect to deliver democracy initiatives and educational training methods and programs to empower women leaders to benefit children, mothers, students, and the handicapped.  For this we can all feel grateful and this stimulates us to want to continue advancing the importance of people to people diplomacy.”

Jules SowdenJules Sowder, Executive Marketing Adviser, Jules Sowder, LLC., Kyrgyz Women’s Initiative participant

“I was moved by the motivation, intelligence, and passion of the 140+ women leaders who came to Legacy International’s training forums in Bishkek, Osh, and Djalalabad. Helping to strengthen their leadership skills and assist these women’s efforts to advance peace, country-building, and societal support was a once-in-alifetime opportunity. For this, I want to say thank you. I was proud to be an American doing this critically important outreach….

In addition to expert strategy development, your entire team has a keen understanding of operational needs and evaluation criteria for successful program implementation. During the nearly three-week trip, every detail appeared to be meticulously planned and well-executed.

I know that your organization’s work in the Kyrgyz Republic represents just one of a continuum of Legacy International programs that promotes tolerance, strengthens civil society, and helps provide community based solutions in countries around the globe. I wish you and your team continued success making a meaningful difference in lives worldwide.”

Roger MatthewsRoger D. Matthews, retired President/CEO, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys, Kyrgyz Women’s Initiative participant

“I am writing this letter to support Legacy International, and to let you [J.E. Rash, President of Legacy International] know what a magnificent job they are doing.

…. Legacy International’s efforts these past two years are building bridges, and developing leadership skills.  We found women in Biskek, Osh, and Jalalabad, all interested in developing their skills, so that their NGO’s could thrive, and serve their mission.

During the two day forums, in Biskek, Osh, and Jalalabad, Legacy, along with it’s partner, Center Interbilim, presented in a very professional way, the ethics of business; how to market your business; how to solve conflicts within you business; how to recruit, and train volunteers for your NGO; and how to develop and manage a “social entrepreneurship”, so that you can have resources to serve your people, and employ those who need employment.

I was so impressed with their contacts within Kyrgyzstan; their organizational skills; the great leadership of Marlene Ginsberg, and Khaled Hassouna, that I would recommend Legacy International to anyone who is thinking of working in a developing country. God Bless you in your future endeavors.”