Bibirobiya Ahrorova Ms. Ahrorova is the Head of Methodological Unit and Primary School Consultant in Qurghonteppa, Tajikistan. In her position, she collects appropriate information about primary grade teachers, and arranges seminars and consultations on improvement of teaching process. She is especially interested in learning about U.S. reading instructional methods, and non-school based reading enhancement.

Mashkura Burhonova Ms. Burhonova is a primary grades teacher in Secondary School # 51 in Istaravshan, Tajikistan. As a primary grades teacher and team leader for methodological cycle of primary grade teachers, she emphasizes quality learning and applies different interactive methods during her classes.  While in the U.S., she would like to learn about making handmade low-cost visual aids for the classroom, and learn about teaching methods.

Shakhnoz Karimova Ms. Karimova is the Head of Preschool Institutions Unit and Primary Schools Consultant at the Regional In-Service Teacher Retraining Institute in Khugand city. She delivers lectures, provides methodological aid, individual advice, and informs primary grade teachers and preschool institutions staff about innovations in education sector. She is especially interested in learning about the application of new teaching methods during classes;  and on gaining knowledge on working with up-to-date techniques.

Sulaymon Kurbonov Mr. Kurbonov is the Deputy Director for Primary Grades at the  Secondary School #4 in Vakhdat, Tajikistan.  He is responsible for arranging, planning,  implementation and monitoring of teaching process in primary grades; monitoring the condition and quality of teaching; and other tasks in the school.  He is especially interested in learning about the practical work of quality learning in schools, innovative interactive teaching methods in elementary schools, and new diagnostic methods and methods of research for teaching process.

Jamshed Namozov Mr. Namozov is the Director of In-service Teacher Retraining Institute in Khulob city in Tajikistan. His responsibilities overseeing the  working conditions for the personnel, and students of the Institute; and cooperation with state institutions and different programs and projects. He is especially interested in learning new training and leadership skills, and exchanging experiences with U.S primary grade teachers.

Sabokhat Sangova Ms. Sangova is a primary grade teacher at the Secondary Comprehensive School #10 in Qurghonteppa, Tajikistan.  She is interested learning about  how secondary school classes are conducted in the U.S., and in visiting museums and parks in the U.S.

Soro Tursunova Ms. Tursunova is Deputy Director for primary grades at the school Gymnasium #1 in Chorbogh village, Tajikistan.   Her school is for Gifted Children.  She is especially interested in learning about education sector in the US; about the experiences of U.S teachers; and about best practices and ways to achieve success.

Aslidin Usmonov Ms. Usmonov is a a primary grade specialist at the regional education department of Khatlon Region in Tajikistan. The department controls state education policy in the province.  His responsibilities include controlling the quality of education in the primary grades, and teacher training.  He is interested in learning about the educational process in U.S. primary grades, interactive learning methods, and the application of modern technologies by U.S. teachers, and the everyday life of United States citizens, especially teachers.

Irina Vafaeva Ms. Vafaeva is a primary grade teacher at the Secondary Comprehensive School #1 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. She is especially interested in learning about current methods of primary school pedagogy, especially reading programs. Along with visiting schools, she has a particular interest in U.S. national parks.

Mukhidin Ziyoev Mr. Ziyoev  is a freelance consultant/independent expert for the Ministry of Education in Vardoz, Tajikistan.  He is currently developing new teaching standards including for Tajik Language for primary grades. They have to conform to requirements of the Ministry of Education (competent approach/life skills development). He is especially interested in learning efficient methods for teaching life skills development; and reading teaching methods for primary grades.