Legacy International’s commitment to inclusion stems from our core values and our mission.  It requires that we draw on the full contributions of all parts of society, including groups typically marginalized from political and economic power, such as women, youth, people with disabilties, indigenous people, LGBT persons, and racial, religious and ethnic minorites.  Inclusion strengthens our programs by providing us with diverse points of view, skill sets and additional methods of program management and measurement.

To encourage inclusion and diversity, we:

  • Target programs to advance the full participation of historically marginalized people into the political, social, and economic lives of their societies
  • More fully integrate and mainstream inclusion principles into our programs in other issues
  • Perform a role as a thought leader and spokesperson for inclusion issues
  • Ensure our own commitment to inclusion in our employment and operating practices.

Legacy International seeks to include person with disabilities in all of its activities.  We have established partnerships with Mobility International USA (MIUSA) as well as with disabled persons’ organizations (DPO’s) in several countries to create stronger linkages for global programs around disability inclusion.

Example Programs:

  • Community Connections: Inclusive Education -Ten professionals from Kyiv, Ukraine  meet their U.S. professional counterparts and studying how government, non-profit, academia, and business provide services to those with disabilities through an inclusive approach.
  • Youth Leadership Program: Indonesia– Civic Education Program in the U.S. for high school students and teachers from Indonesian Pesantren ( Islamic Boarding) schools 2004-2010.
  • Community Connections: Education in Tajikistan – A four year project initiated by USAID, the Quality Reading Project brings education professionals from Tajikistan to Virginia to meet with professional peers in the academic, governmental, and non-profit organization sectors.