Legacy has a long history of work with peoples from the Middle East and North Africa.  Those directly trained in our programs include 850 young professionals from MENA region coming to the US for training and  320 US youths and US professionals traveling and being trained in the MENA region.

Beginning with over a decade of work with Palestinian and Israeli youth and adults in the 1980’s .  Our programs in this region have included work on environment, peacebuilding and conflict resolution, and capacity building.  More recently, we have done global citizenship and leadership development programs for multiple delegations of youth from Iraq.  Current programs include the the ongoing Arabic Language Institute for young leaders, based in Morocco, and the Legislative Fellows program for professionals and civil servants from Algeria, Egypt,  Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Oman and Tunisia.

Mohammad Darawashe, C0-Director, Abraham Fund Initiatives

Mohammad Darawshe is long time leading specialist in Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, recently elected as a council member of his hometown Iksal, and Co-executive Director of the Abraham Fund Initiatives which works on “Building a Shared Future for Jewish and Arab Citizens In Israel”.

Mohammad was the Deputy Director of Givat Haviva Center, an educational campus providing training in peace building and conflict resolution. Mohammed holds an M.A. in Public Administration from Hartford University. He has presented lectures and papers at many international and academic institutions such as the U.S. congress, the European parliament, NATO Defense College and the World Economic Forum, and won numerous awards, including the Peacemaker award, bestowed by the Catholic Theological Union of Chicago and the Peace and Security Award of the World Association of NGOs.

He posted an article recently on the Middle East Peace Pulse Blog -Political Rise of Lieberman and the affect on Arab-Jewish relations

MediaCentral briefing Video- Mr. Darawshe addresses the following issues:  What does the current situation in Gaza mean for relations between Jewish Israeli citizens and Arab Israeli citizens?

Mohammed came to the Global Youth Village from 1985 to 1992. His experience helped to shape his future, which he fondly remembers. He is currently Chief Editor of Aravim.net and Director of External Relations & Development at Abraham Fund Initiatives. He has news about other Middle Eastern alums of the Global Youth Village and reports that Mahdi Abu Omar P’88 is currently a visiting professor of Chemistry in Israel. Mohammed Shameyeh P’88 is working in Parliament. Tarek Awad P’85-’87 is a successful businessman in Jordan. Mohammad reports that everyone who participated in Legacy has gone on to be a leader and that the program was a major building block in their lives.

Studying Arabic in Morocco

Letter of thanks  from Max McGee’s Mom after attending Arabic Language Institute program, Morocco

Dear Legacy International:

I wanted to take the time to thank you for giving my son the experience of his life by awarding him an exchange opportunity in Morocco this summer.
First let me compliment you on your ability to see that Max, although young, was fully up to the task! I believe he was an asset to your program and it is really your vision that allowed him to contribute. We noticed how much he matured on his trip from the minute he got off the plane but it was all good—he is still our wonderful son but seems to be much more appreciative of our care now that he has lived without us for several weeks. I encourage all parents of teenagers to send them away for a little while!