Young U.S. environmental activists create big changes one school at a time!

Participants  learned how to organize their fellow students, inform and educate their families and communities and initiate change for a “greener” future in Legacy’s Indonesia-US Youth Leadership Program.

See creative and sustainable Indonesian Environmental projects, also.

michelle and project U&I
trash recycling
Project U& I

Michelle created Project U&I  to promote greater cultural and environmental awareness in the St. Charles area amongst teens and young adults.

Michelle made a documentary video to help educate people about Indonesia, and highlights portions of her trip to Indonesia including interviews with Indonesian students and environmental endeavors.

“I am proud to say that the project as a whole was quite successful. I saw people repeating the Indonesian dance lesson for friends of theirs at school as well as speaking a bit of Bahasa. “

“Students for Environmental Action”

Arial founded SEA “Students for Environmental Action” club devoted to improving school sustainability, the creation of a plan to improve and draw attention to recycling at the school, and designing and garnering support for a research essay contest on how to improve recycling at school.

“I had a successful meeting yesterday with my club, and the essay contest will go into effect at the end of February. Our Earth Week will take place the first week of April, when I will present the winners of the contest. Also, for my Modern Asia class, I am writing a paper on palm oil and rainforest destruction in Palangkaraya.

save the bats justin cleans up the bronx

“Project Bat”

Katherine project is to create more habitat space for bats and educate people of their importance to our ecosystem. She held educational session on bats, in America and Indonesia, and discussed the similarities and differences between America and Indonesia while relating the similarities between the bat populations.

“I would consider my project to be quite successful. The education I provide reached many members of my community and inspired many people to put up bat houses of their own. The overall goal of my project was to decrease the animosity humans feel towards bats, and I feel that this and more was accomplished.”

“Greener Bronx”

Justin’s goal is to make the Bronx a greener city.  He worked with his community and his school’s community service teams to organize a day dedicated to cleaning parks and planting trees, and a year focused on maintaining the work and teaching younger students and the larger Bronx community about our environmental impact.

He hopes to also encourage volunteers to come up with small projects to green their own spaces such as plant a small garden, replace light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs, learn water conservations techniques, create recycling programs in their schools and neighborhoods, etc.

Read about Christo’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” project, a trash management program with separation bins plus workshops on how to make saleable products from recycled materials.

The Indonesia-US Youth Leadership Program (I-US-YLP) offers high school students a practical, hands-on experience in environmental action planning and leadership development. This two-way exchange  focuses on community activism to address local and regional environmental issues in the U.S. and Indonesia. I-US-YLP highlights young people as our future leaders and as valuable contributors to their communities. The I-US-YLP initiative is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs and implemented in partnership with the Center for Civic Education Indonesia (CCEI).