Delaney Glass in Menara, Morocco

Delaney Glass, Arabic Language Institute participant 2011 sends  her enthusiastic thanks, her experience in the ALI program has changed her life’s direction and defined her future career plans. Delaney was one of 33 US students to travel to Morocco in the summer of 2011. Legacy has provided this program to US high school youth since 2006.

“By being granted this honorable scholarship to study Arabic in Morocco my entire life changed. I gained a new perspective on North Africa and the cultures that intertwine to create a beautifully complex whole. My passion for Arabic has increased to the point that I would like to pursue Arabic for the rest of my life.

The classes were extremely helpful because I had the opportunity to study with some of the greatest teachers in the world, in my opinion. They are extremely talented and opened the door to a new confidence with in myself, not only linguistically but culturally.
I improved from Novice High (with little confidence in writing, reading and speaking) to Intermediate Mid (with a greater confidence in speaking, writing, reading and a huge improvement in understanding).

Through my studies linguistically and culturally I have become aware of an entire world of new perspectives, appreciation and insight. As of now, I am continuing Arabic in my high school and hope to become a linguist in Modern Standard Arabic.  I want to use my passion for Arabic to learn as much as I can, become fluent, help those in need and be an advocate of cross cultural knowledge and understanding.

I had an amazing experience in six weeks and I hope to return again for a gap year to continue my studies of Modern Standard Arabic as well as to learn Moroccan dialect.”

This program offered by Legacy International (USA) in partnership with the Center for Language and Culture is part of the National Security Language Initiative for Youth. Thirty-three US students and 4 adult escorts  travelled to Morocco and explored new cultures, develop friendships, and increase knowledge of Arabic language and Islamic culture. The program is  6 weeks long, intensive, academic, and highly interactive.