Legacy participants Firda and Ferry

Firda Muthia Elsanty and Ferry Fhrans Valentinus

Indonesian Youth Leadership 2010, participants Firda and Ferry organized a program for impoverished students to study English, a subject often unavailable to Indonesian students in rural areas. As part of their participation in Legacy’s seventh Indonesian Youth Leadership Program (IYLP), Firda and Ferry recruited 52 volunteers to teach classes to students from 29 orphanages and centers for homeless teens. The lesson plans and curriculum included power point presentation, games and simulations, rewards for excellence, handouts, and testing.

Firda and young orphan children

“We realized that being a leader means learning to work with and receive help from others, this project is not a project, but the biggest accomplishment we have had in our lives!”-– Ferry

Legacy continues to seek out and support individuals with a commitment to public service and a vision for their communities, helping them to realize their full potential by engaging them in programs to develop leadership skills, cross-cultural communications, and creative and critical thinking.