From time to time many of people who were teenagers when they attended the Global Youth Village, ask to return as staff members. Each and every time they express to us that their experience was again rewarding and life changing, in ways they weren’t expecting.

Tommy Lee, Global Youth Village, staff

“I cannot begin to express the vast amount of appreciation and gratitude I have for you and the opportunity you all provided me with this summer. Having taken away so much from the Global Youth Village as a participant, I could not have fathomed how much  more the staff experience would change my life. I chose to return to this personally spiritual place in the woods to give back and inspire others, yet I am walking away richer than when I arrived. The optimism and spirit of the young people, the knowledge and talents of my fellow staff, and the dedication and effort put into creating this legacy from you all has left me feeling empowered and hopeful. Hopeful that people can come together regardless of their differences to alleviate suffering and promote humanity, hopeful that the work we have done this summer has made an impact on over 100 teenagers, and hopeful that I can truly make a difference. I thank you for instilling that hope in me.”