iraqi flagZhear Sarkawt Abdulsama, Iraqi Youth Leadership, Participant escort

“I shall thank my All Mighty God for giving me the opportunity not only for being able to visit United States of America, and explore the kindness and incredibility of its people and everything I saw, but for giving me an opportunity of knowing a kind and generous person as you. [ J. E. Rash, Legacy’s President]

Your speech in the first day …is in my mind word by word. Those words gave me a lot of inspirations for I became a man of recognizing that the words “impossible” and “undone” are two wrong words in the dictionary of mankind. I realized the miracle of God on His worshipers in the first minute I saw your insistence towards making a bunch of participants be able to make the world better. Millions die, and suffer everyday all around the world, and millions shall visit the incredible GYV [Global Youth Village] to learn what is the real meaning of the symbol peace, and its greatness for making the world to be the place of brotherhood and one family.” –Zhear Sarkawt Abdulsamad, Erbil, Iraq