Download Initial Findings -Youth Training in Kyrgyz Republic

A Sustainable Plan for LivingSideBySide® in Kyrgyzstan’s SchoolsEvaluation results from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute show positive outcomes for 3 year plan


Implementation of Conflict Prevention in Kyrgyz RepublicMinistry of Education and Science supports implementation of Legacy’s LivingSidebySide®.


Multi Ethnic Harmony in Kyrgyzstan : “I always was a leader but nobody used to understand me. Now I know why. I know the right time to listen and when to stop talking and express my opinion.”


Attitudes are changing in Kyrgyzstan Svetlana Serebryakova, trained by Legacy in the U.S.(facing) leads string exercise with adult trainees in Perm Russia. Legacy’s Training the Trainers program brings about a peaceful solutions to conflict in schools.


Building a foundation for Peace in southern KyrgyzstanTeachers see attitude and behavioral change in their students through in-depth training with curriculum suited to their multi-cultural society.


Kyrgyz teachers receive peace trainingHave one of you experienced any discrimination or even conflict on ethnic lines? If yes, how did you try to resolve the conflict or tension?