A Letter from Mary Riser, Educator

Finally! A practical training program for teachers and youth workers that will result in truly peaceful and
productive classrooms and activities!

LivingSidebySideⓇ (LSBS) opens the door to self- and social awareness, as well as to the communication and dialogue skills that make engaged, respectful conversations and relationships possible. In today’s US political climate, these skills are essential to ensure that Americans of different backgrounds and perspectives can find common ground and move toward peaceful resolution of our differences. I believe teachers and youth workers can lead the way.

Developed over forty years of working with adolescents and young adults, the principles and curriculum of LSBS offer teachers, youth workers, and students new insight into shared universal values, recognition of more productive roles we play in both collaborative and competitive environments, and expanded capacity to hash out differences appropriately and productively.

I had the good fortune this summer to join the staff of the Global Youth Village www.globalyouthvillage.org — the summer camp program where LSBS was born. Working as a facilitator of LSBS workshops with young adult leaders from all over the world, I used experiential learning activities to introduce principles of communication and to offer opportunities within the workshops for practice and reflection. I have been working with Legacy International (www.legacyintl.org) (the parent nonprofit organization that oversees Global Youth Village and many other leadership-development programs) for the past three years to help adapt LSBS so that this powerful methodology is available to teachers and youth workers in the United States. As a former Head of School, and a teacher for 30 years, the principles and content of LSBS immediately spoke to me: this training is urgently needed by American young adults, and those who work with them to deepen the communication skills that will allow them to discuss controversial issues respectfully, with open-minded attitudes that come from deeper self and multi-cultural awareness, and shared universal values.

This fall, Legacy International will offer workshops for teachers and youth workers on the theme of “Facilitating Difficult Conversations: Everyday conflict prevention and resolution.” These powerful one-day training sessions will equip attendees with the skills they need to engage with confidence and respect in difficult conversations with students, colleagues, and parents. Attendees will build the capacity to teach these skills to the students with whom they work, thereby elevating the environment in their classrooms and programs. Enclosed is additional information about the complete LSBS program, its history and success. (Two other workshops and webinar are offered, dates and cities are below) I hope to see you at one of the fall workshops!


Mary Riser
Advisory Board member, Legacy International

Announcing Legacy’s LivingSidebySide® Fall Offerings 2018

This fall we will be offering 3 day long workshops, a webinar, and conference training for teachers and youth workers. 

Re-certification points are available for attending any day long Workshop. Times for workshops are 9:00-5:00 and a manual will be provided.

Funding for teachers is available through Title IIA federal government.

Details can be found in the following brochures: 

Please register for all events on-line at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LSBS2018

Date/Time/PlaceType of EventTitleFeesRegistration date
September 17; Inn at Va. TechV-Post** Conference session“Facilitating Difficult Conversations”See V-Post websitehttp://v-post.org//
September 28, Friday; Roanoke Higher Education Center (RHEC)One Day Workshop“Face to Face Communication”$325/person; $295/4 or more persons;
$138/person for 20-25
By 9/14/18- 5:00 pm;
October 4, Thursday, 4 pm Webinar “Facilitating Difficult Conversations”*Free Email marlene@legacyintl.org for invite
by Sept. 21st
October 26, Friday
One Day Workshop“Youth –Led Community Service”$325/person; $295/4 or more persons;
$138/person for 20-25
By October 12, 5:00 pm; Friday;
November 2, Friday
Richmond (Va. Tech, Richmond Ctr.)
One Day Workshop“Facilitating Difficult Conversations”$325/person; $295/4 or more persons;
$138/person for 20-25
By October 19, 5:00 pm; Friday;


*the webinar will be recorded, handouts will be available for download.

** V-Post is the Virginia Partnership for Out of School Time

Basic LivingSidebySide® Certification

You may be interested in training to deliver the full LSBS program to youth audiences on an on-going, sustainable basis. A typical package includes 4 one day Workshops (brochure enclosed), a two day Intensive, coaching during implementation and a pre-program assessment phone conference. A Teachers’ Manual and Youth Workbook are provided.  Class size is limited for maximum interaction.

Contact: Marlene Ginsberg, marlene@legacyintl.org or 540-297-6025 (office direct) for more information.