Sixteen Moroccan and Tunisian fellows recently “Hit the Ground Running” as Professional Fellows Program delegate Hassan Aladlouni said. He runs the Amal Women’s Training and Empowerment Center in Morocco and participated with his peers in a Legacy-led “NGO Development Seminar” , and served in unique fellowship placements in Washington, DC, and in Roanoke, Virginia. The Fellows are highly-accomplished young professionals, aged 26-40, involved in civil society back home and will return with new insights and skills and understanding.

While in the States the delegates wrote blogposts about their observations and experiences. Limame Barbouchi, Administrator, National Initiative for Human Development in the Province of Taourirt, Morocco said, “Before I came to visit the US in 2013, I thought all Americans are like Robots……I have learned a lot from the Roanoke based non-profit organization where I did my fellowship, Total Action for Progress (TAP)”. Learn more in his post: We are all Human After All.

Samiha Selmani works as the Controller of Finance with the Tunisian Ministry of Finance, and serves as the Vice President of the Tunisian Association of Public Auditors, a non-profit organization working for transparency and reform. She says, “It’s a new opportunity for me, my first experience a legislative branch of government, me coming from the executive branch of a country in which the executive branch remained the most powerful for a long period.” Read More in her post: On the Floor of the Senate

Yassine Kalboussi, Public Health Intern, Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Prevention Research Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, Tunisia was hosted by the American Public Health Association (APHA) and said this,  “My experience here has exposed me to the incredible world of public health, the world where APHA staff try to close the gap between science and action….During the fellowship it was a pleasure meeting every one, sharing knowledge and learning from each other, building partnerships, and making long and lasting friendships.” Learn more in his post: For Science, For Action, For Health

Sanae Hanine, noted what is Similar and Different: In the US in her blogpost. She is the Marketing Manager with the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Works in education training, Rabat, Morocco, and notes, “Visiting the United States, the most powerful country in the world, was a dream. This would be impossible without the help of Legacy International and the Department of State, and I thank them…..It goes without saying that this experience will leave an undeniable mark on the rest of my life. I expect to see my behavior altered on my return. Certainly, many things will change.”

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