Rustam Badalov, who participated in Legacy’s 2004 Community Connections Program on education development in rural Uzbekistan, was recently awarded the 2011 Michael Casey Global Education Award for his teaching and dedication.  Mr. Badalov is teacher at the Alisher Navoiy School in the Fergana Region of Uzbekistan.

Mr. Radalov credits his training with Legacy:
“I received skills and experience during the exchange program with Legacy International. Thank you for organization’s program, which has educated me.  Not long ago my works have been recognized as one of the best and I have received Michael Casey Educational Award…  When we were in the USA with Community Connections exchange Program, you taught us to to act on our ideas! I am very happy that I trained with Legacy International! Thank you.”

One of  hist student, Zukra M. says of him:
“Our teacher only lives for school and students. Every day he comes to school as early as 6.30 a.m. and one can meet him there even at the weekend…His open-mindedness amazes me, and I would like to be like him. We’re thankful to him for teaching us English and for helping us to learn more about the world.”