Zakaria ElBhioui, LFP Fall 2012 delegate from Morocco writes of his experiences when hosted in Roanoke during the Legislative Fellowship Program.  He worked with the Romney campaign in Romney’s Regional Republican Campaign Headquarters.

Zakaria at Campaign headquarters

Zakaria at Campaign headquarters

Going Door-To-Door: Living the first hand experience

“Working at the Campaign Office is a golden chance to see how things work and function. In fact, from the first day of our arrival, we got to know about the campaigning processes, including phone calls and door-to-door knocking. This latter activity  caught our attention because it has to do with direct and face-to face meetings. This kind of mechanism enabled us to  get deeply acquainted with the population’s culture, way of life, political opinions and choices. We got to know how important the aspect of human contact is to successful campaigning.

Eid Mobarak Said (Happy feast to all of you)

We are enjoying every moment in our stay in here with our host, Mr. Bell in Roanoke. Days are for fellowships and evenings are for discovery. The people here are amazing and terrific. Yesterday we were invited by the Muslim Community to celebrate the Eid at one of the most beautiful hotels in downtown Roanoke.

Zakaria and Bill Saari (Mr. Bell) at the Roanoke Skating Rink

Mr. Bell: The Man of the People

Surprises never stop, I was impressed with Mr. Bell, our host in Roanoke. He is a good-hearted, open-minded and kindly man, and the most hospitable man I’ve ever encountered in my life. He hosts guests from all over the world. Mr. Bell said, “I would like to meet all your group even for 5 minutes just to say hello and shake hands”. He has introduced us to important friends from various fields, artists, humanitarians, film makers and so many others as well as taken us to naturally wonderful landscapes and places of interest in the area.

We went to Floyd where we attended a local and traditional event with the kindest people of the mountains. We loved the music and danced to the songs and our fellow delegate, Mahmoud won a cap, worth about $14, because he is from a distant place (Egypt)!

Halloween Costumes at the Roanoke City Market event

Halloween celebration: It’s just something different

It’s pretty surprising. When we went to downtown Roanoke and saw ordinary people wearing exquisite and special customs enjoying the partying, taking pictures and just having fun with each other. Such an event makes individuals and couples live the moment differently in a creative and innovative manner.

Legacy: Some Poetry…

We enjoyed our time in US and the experience as a whole because of the leadership strength in the organization behind it, an organization where all partners trust and cooperate. Legacy International, with its coordinated, helpful and highly skilled team brought about our successful stay.”

Special thanks go to Legacy that makes everything look fancy

Thanks you made the experience new and unprecedentedly witty

Congratulations for the professional way of organizing, scheduling and coordinating

To the tactfully refined team with a high sense of advising and problem solving

Delighted we are and grateful we shall be

For you spread out universal human values and solidarity

Throughout the world you brought us from different lands

Strengthening dialogue and mutual understanding

For a brighter future for everyone we shall strive hand in hand

To sustain our nations’ development and peace keeping

With Legacy, every day is a good and a greater day

Learning more, sharing and caring, meeting new people and enjoy

Such unforgettable time would always reside in minds

Such glorious memories to be remembered and kept in hearts