During the recent Legislative Fellows Program, Abdelsalam Elmcassbi of Libya spent two weeks as a fellow at the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), a non-profit dedicated to transparency in campaign finance and elections, political communication, and ethics. Paul S. Ryan, Senior Council and mentor to Abdelsalam, said that CLC chose to host a Legacy fellow for the second time because it was so enjoyable and beneficial the first time.

Abdelsalaam and Paul Ryan

Paul, who traveled to Egypt with Legacy International’s outbound delegation in the spring of 2013, noted how much CLC has gained from both hosting experiences and believes deeply in the benefits of welcoming a Legacy fellow into the office.

In his time with the CLC, Abdelsalam attended more interesting meetings than he could count. A highlight was a meeting with the Center for Responsive Politics, through which he learned of their work for transparency in campaign funding, and about their website, www.OpenSecrets.org.

He is deeply concerned about the lack of transparency in Libyan politics, and came to understand how politicized campaign contributions are in the U.S.. Abdelsalam was greatly impressed with organizations working to improve transparency and disclosure, and hopes to create a website like the Center for Responsive Government’s website – OpenSecrets.org in Libya.

Abdelsalam has wholly embraced his Legacy experience and taken advantage of all the available learning opportunities available through his CLC placement. Read more from Abdelsalam and from other Fellows  at LFP Fellows Blog.