The United State of Women Profile Pledge (1)As First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey come together to host the United State of Women at the White house, we are reminded of the importance of women’s empowerment. Women around the world are seeking education and realizing the importance of their voice. This is an important moment, because it recognizes women as trailblazers and unstoppable forces; celebrating what has been accomplished and what work there is still left to do. Using such fields as technology, social entrepreneurship, family planning, activism and many more to finally get the recognition deserved and a seat at the head of the table. It is for all of these reasons and more that Legacy has prioritized the empowerment of women around the world in its mission and programming. Although society still has a way to in leveling the playing field, women everywhere are realizing that they are the best advocates for their rights.
Through our TechGirls program, we teach girls not only about technology and coding, but we also attempt to expand the parameters of their perspectives. We encourage them to examine the world from various angles using technology as a tool to evaluate, learn, teach and empower others ultimately changing the world. Being creative and thinking outside of the box is cool and girls should know that. We encourage our girls to believe in themselves and to pursue their dreams without limitation.23278557826_560bdd1d1b_z copy
After our North Africa Community Health Initiative, one of alumni, Mary Samir, brought together seventy-six young women to talk about sexual health, reproductive rights, violence against women and hygiene. Talk about powerful! Participants from our programs understand that education is the gateway to knowledge, and when they go home, they are eager to educate and uplift.
What an exciting time to be a woman! Millennial women have more labor market equality than any previous generations and unquestionably women in the U.S. overall receive between 53 and 62% of all degrees earned. [1] As the United State of Women Summit kicks off today, let us not become complacent and revel in past and recent accomplishments for the fight is not over. In a world where honor killings exist, where women earn an average of 79% of what men earn (depending on location) despite making up the largest portion of degree holders, and where each year more than 289,000 women die from complications during pregnancy or childbirth, we surely cannot afford to get quiet now. [2] We will continue to be a part of the fight, to ensure that women and girls are treated equally, empowered, and invested in.

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