By J.E. Rash, Founder, President, Legacy International

As I listened to the President’s comments on Civil Society, Religion, Peace and co-operation yesterday at the Clinton Global Initiative and today at  the United Nations,  I could not help reflecting on the past 36 years of our work at Legacy International.

Iraqi Youth Leadership participants develop food delivery project

Over that time our commitment, our capabilities, and our successes have only multiplied. Our commitment to youth began with a small Summer Camp, it grew to be an venue for addressing the needs of refugees, youth involved in conflict and American minority youth, as well as a cross-section of youth from all walks of society. We were the first to bring young Palestinian and Israeli youth together in this country; we expanded our vision to N. Ireland and to S.E.Asia; then again we expanded our work to addressing not only conflict resolution but also conflict prevention, both in the public and private sectors. At the same time, we created and continued to refine our cross cultural and subject specific leadership trainings, and  training of trainers programs. We again expanded to work with young professionals, governmental agencies, and educators (as we developed curriculum) especially our LivingSidebySide® program; now being used in Kyrgyzstan and other venues.

Kyrgyz Women’s program participants overcome ethnic differences and organize joint cultural event.

We focused and continue to focus on diverse subjects: Environment in the 1980′s, and later Public Health in Middle East and North Africa; Legislative and Parliamentary Development; education programs and exchanges in Central Asia, Disabilities in Ukraine and Russia; Dialogue with Religious Leaders in Indonesia and Central Asia.

As the President rightly said, (and which you can imagine made me very happy to hear) we are creating a Legacy, ’We are asking you to help us create this Legacy’… Well, Mr. President, we have been doing exactly that at Legacy International for 36 years.

Today with our Teams of Excellence™ we are continuing to offer a network of experts and their expertise to the global community.

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