U.S. Department of StateAnnouncing the launch of TechGirls,  Secretary Hillary Clinton says, “In order to do more to encourage innovation and promote the spread of new technologies giving women and girls the support that they need to become leaders in this field, …TechGirls… will bring teenage girls from the Middle East and North Africa for an intensive month of educational activities here in the United States.” (see video below)

techgirlsThe Department of State initiative, “TechGirls” is administered by Legacy International and  is designed to connect and support the next generation of women in technology sectors by providing them the access and opportunity needed to pursue careers in technology.

Hospitality for TechGirls

Twenty-five young women ages 15-17, from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, and Yemen will participate in a 22-day program in the U.S.  June 25-July 17, 2012.  The program begins in New York City with site visits and presentations by some of America’s leading tech professionals and continues with presentations in Washington DC.

While residing at American University, the TechGirls will participate in a “technology computer camp” by our partner Wonder-Space Computer and Technology Camps (WSTechCamp) for 11 days, including 60 hours of rigorous instruction,  as well as community service visits and cultural field trips.

Techwoman Mentee-Mentor

Hospitality Opportunity: Legacy is seeking Washington, D.C. area families to host a TechGirl for one or two Sundays (July 8 & 15), for an afternoon & evening, sharing family activities and sightseeing. They are eager to learn about America! Learn more about this hosting opportunity…

The program also connects TechGirls to its “parent” organization  TechWomen alumni in mentoring relationships. Participants will increase their access to resources and networks that support their interests and educational goals.

The following video of Sen Hillary Clinton’s speech at closing banquet of the TechWomen program. She beautifully conveys the DOS philosophy for the program and the intended results.