JERashWhatever our politics and whatever our thoughts may be regarding the decision of the Nobel Committee to award this year’s Peace Prize to U.S. President Barack Obama, all of us can choose to embrace hope rather than despair.

Words of peace and understanding, mutual respect and personal responsibility can help to overcome conflicts, misguided loyalties  fanaticism, resentments and paternalistic authoritarianism. Where then can hope rise and be heard but first in the intentions, words and actions of people of faith, vision, responsibility and courage. Of course, it is a vision that must be followed by action, motivated by a leader who does not fear loneliness and can inspire thoughtful teamwork and cooperation. Hopefully, this is the sensitivity, the vision of the Nobel Committee in selecting President Obama.
It is incumbent upon all of us to assist in the noblest of efforts to end poverty, to feed the hungry, to end the threat of nuclear warfare, to educate people to hope, mutual respect and success and thus to put an end to extremism, to abjure the hate mongering and raise dialogue once again to a creative process among global citizens respecting diverse views, parties and interests. We live in a time of possibilities where science and humanness, faith and reason can bring harmony to a world of strife and fear. Let us recognize these challenges in this moment and work to realize the goals. Signs of hope and means to help are at our fingertips. We can set aside our differences to answer a call to creativity, good intentions, competency and skill, effort and actions that may just change the direction of humanity and embrace Diversity within Unity.
Congratulations Mr. President and please accept our sincere offer of assistance in keeping with our 30 years’ effort and service to leave a Legacy of Hope for our fellow human beings.

J. E. Rash, Legacy’s Founder and President

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