Hanane Belhaj presenting on diabetes

Legacy President and Founder, J.E. Rash, reports from Morocco,  where he and a delegation of public health professionals are touring the country promoting an exchange of best practices and developing ongoing collaboration with Moroccan public health organizations.

“Presentations today in Essouira began with CHI fellow Hanane Belhaj on the subject of diabetes.  She was followed by Ann Jewell on vaccination, Dr Penney Muleneaur on early childhood, post natal diseases /conditions and finally Kimberly Robertson.

The hall is filled with over 150 Health professionals. I am so grateful and proud that we at Legacy have profiled opportuities for the development and implementation of these projects throughout Morroco.

Thank you to our staff: Mitra, Leila and everyone who have made this project such a success.”

Dr. Georges C. Benjamin (far left), Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, and Dr. Harold Robles (center), Founder of the Medical Knowledge Institute, were among the participants

This event is part of Legacy’s North African Community Health Initiative , a two year program that provides community health care professionals from Morocco and Egypt a new set of tools, resources, and knowledge to enhance rural health care in their respective communities.

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