In the Summer of 2015, 18 teens and 2 adults travelled to Cyprus for a three-week cultural immersion with an emphasis on leadership and environmental stewardship.  The American Youth Leadership Program Cyprus is now accepting applications for Summer 2016.

Cultural immersions are transformative. Homestays, language lessons, leadership training, site visits and community service opportunities with Cypriot teens builds awareness of one self and others. It is the best way to see what is universal amongst all of us and how we can address global issues on the local level. Watch this video for the story.

Upon return home, participants implement a follow-on project in their communities involving friends and schoolmates in service learning events.   Over 2000 additional teens have been impacted here in the U.S.  They have learned about Cyprus and have contributed to environmental stewardship.

Community Based projects include:

  • Improved recycling programs at school
  • Creation of a video in partnership with Pinelands Preservation Alliance.
  • A viewable honey book hive with the 4H Honeybee club to donate to a community college.
  • Beautification project near school grounds, removing invasive species and building a green area for students and locals to congregate in.
  • A compost barrel at school.
  • Wetlands project near school. Field trip to remove invasive species with 3 classes of 9th grade students.
  • Creating a buffer zone in a local stream.
  • Partnering with the local Hispanic center to do environmental classes for youth.
  • Bat boxes to be built for local park.
  • Service day and tour of watershed in Hispanic community, in English and Spanish. Trash clean up and invasive species removal.