Partner in Legacy’s  Community Health Initiative Program, the  Medical Knowledge Institute (MKI) and its founder, Dr. Harold Robles, receives increased  recognition in several Dutch news sources.

Community Health Initiative participants from Morocco and Egypt with Dr. Harold Robles, founder Medical Knowledge Institute.

(MKI) is a Netherlands-based, international healthcare organization that focuses on prevention through education; working from the conviction that healthcare is a human right.

MKI, which previously worked only in southern Africa, has expaneded its work to North Africa, through this partnership with Legacy International.

Dutch press releases, headlined the benefits of this the partnership between MKI and Legacy International.

Dr. Harold Robles, presents workshop to Legacy's Community Health Initiative participants

The Dutch/English  news site describes the benefits of the connection for MKI and its ongoing endeavors in Africa,  also reprinting this letter from Legacy’s President, J.E. Rash:

“The Community Health Initiative, a grant of the Department of State to Legacy International with partnerships with Medical Knowledge Institute and Carillion Health Care Systems, is a program to bring young health professionals from Egypt and Morocco as Fellows to the United States and also send a delegation to Egypt and Morocco of American Health Care Professionals.  This program is designed to share the public health education, medical knowledge and systems and other related information that characterizes US Health initiatives and also identify the specific needs and challenges in the respective countries and strive to create a framework for addressing them, beginning with, follow on projects and utilizing the contacts and people that the Fellows have met.

Dr. Harold Robles; founder and President of MKI came from Holland to Roanoke Va. to give workshops on the MKI model for South Africa and the history of creating and sustaining an NGO. His personal history, the history of MKI and its outreach, the topic of fundraising, training of trainers, supplemental projects that empower the women of South Africa were the major themes. In addition he shared the MKI approach to educating for the prevention of HIV-Aids as well as his major focus on preventable diseases. Dr. Robles’ workshops were received with tremendous appreciation, excitement and resulted in an agreement to pursue a new relationship for public health initiatives between Legacy International, MKI and the Fellows from Morocco

As President of Legacy International and also a member of the Advisory Board of MKI, not only am I grateful to Dr. Harold Robles for his and MKI’s contribution to this important program but, I am very hopeful that this is only the first step in what Dr. Robles calls, serving the people of Africa from Capetown to Cairo and Casablanca.

The time is right for Prevention through Education, establishing strong NGOs, promoting citizen participation and capacity building and we intend to seize the moment and create models that are transferable worldwide.” – J.E. Rash