Children and youth are the value and future of any country. In previous blog posts about the Professional Fellows programs  in Morocco, we have analyzed social and economic challenges Moroccan youth face these days.

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Problems of illiteracy brings us to the critical situation on the roads. Road accidents have been increasing in Morocco, where car ownership has nearly doubled in 15 years. Official statistics say an average of 10 people die every day in traffic accidents [3].  Children are the first to be targeted in road accidents due to the lack of knowledge and right behavior on the roads. In order to reduce the critical number of child death and injuries in road accidents, PFP fellow, El Moustapha Sebti, together with Municipality of Tiznit initiated road awareness days: play and learn in 4 elementary schools in the area.

In Morocco, education is underdeveloped in terms of human resources or financial aid [2]. Significant part of educational work in rural areas is done by numerous NGOs and volunteers which focuses on basic knowledge: grammar, mathematics but leaving universal values and moral principles behind which leads to the rise of extremism and intolerance. Legacy PFP fellow Siham Morabite offered to incorporate universal values in educational process via art and social activities.  Her pilot project has started in rural areas – village of Khemis Zmamra (12 000 population).

post 2Interpreting art as a solution to many problems in rural like Beni Mellal Khounifra region (area known as a “death triangle” where hundreds of youth died on Mediterranean, trying to immigrate illegally to Europe escaping from poverty and unemployment) our PFP fellow Marouane Hassine initiated numerous art trainings and theatrical workshops for youth to empower them with artistic skill and open new professional and personal opportunities for them. In the past he started Orchids organization which quickly became popular among youth and adults as united them in their love and passion to art and strong desire to make positive changes in their society.

In order to address the needs of politically active youth and promote civic education and increase youth political presence, PFP fellow Abir Ibourk within her project “My vote, my voice: youth citizenship initiative” has prepared workshops for students of Mohammed V University in Rabat.  Workshop is aimed to help young voters explore issues that are most important to them, challenge them to think critically as they can influence development process in their own country.

Legacy will continue informing you about PFP fellows projects’ implementation and its positive influence on MENA region.

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