Two of our  Fall programs offer a unique opportunity for families in Southern Virginia to host an international delegate in your home.  These two programs,The Legislative Fellows Program and Kyrgyz Women’s Leadership Development program,  are designed to build capacity of individuals in important civil society roles in the countries of Kuwait, Oman, and Kyrgyzstan

Omani delegate Sarah Al-Sharji and her host Debbie Melnik .

Both programs take place in Virginia and Washington, D.C. and include an American homestay experience.  Homestay  hosting play a critical role in the overall experience of international delegates and offer many benefits to host families.

LFP hosting dates:  October 9 – 14  (5 nights)

Kyrgyz Women hosting dates:  October 20 – 28 (8 nights)

If you think you might be interested in getting involved or know someone who you think might be interested in hosting, please complete the Host Family Application or contact Innocentia Afa at 434-942-6143.

The Legislative Fellows Program links legislators from the U.S. with politically-minded professionals from  the Arabian Gulf countries of Kuwait and Oman.  Following their immersion program in Congressional offices in Washington, DC, the 13 delegates will visit the Lynchburg-Bedford-Roanoke area for six days to learn about local government in Virginia.

The Kyrgyz Women’s Leadership Development program will train community leaders, educators and youth workers working in grassroots organizations for women in the Kyrgyz Republic. Twelve women will participate in training in Southern Virginia, and then travel to Washington, DC for their final week.