Sarah Higginbotham

Sarah Higginbotham in Marrakesh, speaking to professionals in the field of Domestic Violence

Sarah Higginbotham is a knowledgeable and accomplished individual. She has specialized in intimate partner violence prevention, served as a hotline coordinator, an education and outreach coordinator, a volunteer coordinator and an advocate and counselor for victims/survivors of intimate partner violence during her 10 years of service in the field.

As a Title IX Coordinator and instructor and Clinical Coordinator for the Health Psychology Department at Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Roanoke, VA.,  she has been in the position of educating and training students, faculty, staff, and administration on intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and stalking prevention issues. Yet, she describes her participation in the  North African Community Health Initiative (CHI) as a life-changing and eye-opening journey”.

The CHI program provides community health care professionals from Morocco and Egypt a new set of tools, resources, and knowledge to enhance rural health care in their respective communities.  In particular, this program builds the capacity of professionals who serve marginalized populations, particularly women and children.

She and 10 other Public Health professionals were invited  to travel to Morocco as the U. S. Delegation, and to lecture and participate, and share their knowledge with the Moroccan Delegation, also Public Health professionals, in a Public Health Conference in Marrakesh.

Speaking about Domestic violence

Sarah (right) and CHI fellow, Dr. Karen McDonnell, presenting at the Association Ennakhil, as part of an event organized by Moroccan CHI Fellow Samira Tabine on Domestic Violence

Her thanks and warmth were recently expressed  to  Legacy’s President, J.E.Rash, saying:

” I can’t begin to thank you, …and all the other delegates for such a life-changing and eye-opening journey.  I continue to reflect on the experiences and words cannot fully describe my gratitude to you each!  You all are wonderful mentors!  Your illustrations of compassion, humility, and partnership are easy to embrace and admire.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such a wealth of these attributes on this beautiful and unforgettable journey!

I greatly look forward to continuing to support Legacy’s goals and endeavors and to serve as a partner in the progression and preservation of humanity among all people and cultures. Thank you again!

Sarah is the niece of Legacy supporters, Jerry and Doris Higginbotham.  Jerry, who owns Corrugated Containers in Roanoke, was initially a business host for a  Community Connections (then “Business for Russia”) groups from Russia.  Later on he and Doris hosted in their home on a number of occasions for various international exchanges with Legacy, and accompanied Legacy participants in one of the programs, to Russia.