Legacy staff presented last week, at the 2010 U.S. Summit & Initiative For Global Citizen Diplomacy on our best practices.  Legacy was one of ten organizations selected by the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy‘s task force on International Voluntary Service for this honor.

“We are proud to share examples of the accomplishments that the dedicated members of our field are pursuing, and the opportunity through proposals for you to become involved in supporting the efforts to improve our world. We thank all of the members of our field for their commitment to pursuing our shared goals, as well as the specific members who have worked to prepare proposals to you today.” (Message from Task Force Co-Chairs)

Legacy was honored for a proposed initiative for an American-Middle Eastern young adult capacity-building and cooperation program.

This pilot program, to be conducted collaboratively by Legacy International, International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, and the Lebanon-based Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue (FDCD), seeks to create globally competent young American and Middle Eastern citizens and to encourage greater understanding between the people of America and the Middle East. These aims will be achieved through:

■ Enhancing skills that will enable participants to play an active role in building greater understanding and better relations between the Middle East and America.

■ Facilitating dialogue on matters such as culture, faith, and political/international issues to enable participants to identify key issues in US-Middle East relations, better understand each other’s points of view, dispel misperceptions, and identify opportunities for cooperation.

■ Building cooperative and personal relationships between Middle Eastern and American young people.

■ Producing joint recommendations for improving the US-Middle East relationship that all participants agree upon.

■ Empowering participants to create their own collaborative, sustainable projects contributing to peaceful US-Middle East relations following the exchange.

Read the full Task-Force Report, including more details on Legacy’s proposed initiative.